There’s one thing everyone has, aside from an opinion on Justin Bieber, and that’s a set of parents. You can deny knowing them in public, but you didn’t get here by alien laser beam technology. You’ve got at least one Mom and one Dad. And boy, can that be a handful.

The inevitable romance that is Chase and Adams: blergh.

House “Parents” Review

ParentsCan’t Live with ‘Em, Can’t Exist Without ‘Em

The theme of this episode was about parents and how much they matter. In terms of nature vs. nurture, they usually come into play quite a bit. Either way, you end up being defined by their presence or even their absence. House says that your view of parents and your stance on parenting is directly affected by your own parents. That part makes a lot of sense and is fairly easy to agree with, because even if you decide to be exactly the opposite of your parents that’s still them influencing you. But House went on to say that “good parents” is an oxymoron.

There was a lot of talk about whether a biological Dad matters if he hasn’t been around, or if he can’t be around. I had a note that you can’t argue with DNA. Biology matters. When we thought the young patient needed a bone marrow match, his biological Dad mattered very much.

Patient of the Week

There are plenty of parental themes in the episode. The patient of the weak is a young boy who wants to become a clown to follow in his dead father’s footsteps. Even though he doesn’t remember much of his Dad, he wants to feel a connection and what he does remember has given him a passion.

In a twist, we learn that the Mother was trying to protect the son from ever remembering that he was sexually abused by this father. The Mother lied and said the Dad was dead so he could be remembered as a decent guy. The truth is that the Dad doesn’t care and he abused his son. In this case, is the truth better than the lie? Taub didn’t think so.

Chase and Adams

Because they’re both single and attractive, the show is predictably setting up this pair to bond and eventually have some sort of romance. I’m against it. Why? See my note about how it’s predictable? I liked Chase with Cameron and I even had fun with his womanizer phase. And Jessica Adams is way too much like Cameron, so the relationship wouldn’t even feel new for viewers. I’d have rather seen Chase with Park. Or, and you’ll laugh, I’d enjoy seeing Adams have a crush on House (much like Cameron did, yes.)

Is Wilson too Nice?

Wilson continues to be a little too nice, but he doesn’t feel jaded by it so should we be up in arms about it? The sitch is that House and Foreman tricked Wilson out of his ringside seats to a Wrestling Match. When Wilson realized this, he basically shrugged and got over it. He doesn’t hold a grudge. Does this mean Wilson gets walked over too easily? While it’s easy to think that, I believe that Wilson is just genuinley a really nice guy. He realized that he really did want House to have something nice in his life, after doing so well on his parole. I’m sure Wilson wasn’t happy about not being there, but knowing that House and Foreman got to bond a little over tricking House probably secretly gave Wilson a bit of pleasure. He really wants the best for House.

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Misc / Things I liked:

  • “That last insult was your cue to leave.” – House
  • House swiveling in the chair with the baby reminded me of Dr. XXX in Inspector Gadget. Except House was, thankfully, not petting the baby.
  • Sophie/Sophia
  • House in the Skype video chat that Foreman was doing. Love his passive aggressive pranks.
  • House talking about the case to the baby in patented baby talk.
  • “The medical term is cankles.”
  • The idea of family dysfunction as the thing that makes us better, striving to fill a hole in our life.
  • “Gave up clowning.”
  • House’s wisdom: Following your brain is toughter than following your heart. That’s why all parents screw up. (He’s a softie at heart.)

Grade: A

Rewatch: Hell yes.

React: Do you want Chase and Adams to partner up? Is Wilson too understanding? How have your parents influenced your views on parenting?

House airs Monday on Fox and stars Hugh Laurie.