Would you make a bet against Greg House?

It’s the Halloween episode of House season 8 in “Risky Business.” And we bet there’ll more tricks than treats.

Charlyne Yi as Dr. Chi Park has her disciplinary hearing for punching her boss, and she’s certain she won’t be fired. Naturally, House goes out of his way to try and make sure that she is. On the other end of the spectrum with the more boring team member, Odette Annable as Dr. Jessica Adams seems to be using a bat… stay out of her way. But really, a bat is the only way to get our attention with this Cameron 2.0 character.

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House Season 8 Episode 5
House Risky Business Summary

House attempts to negotiate with a wealthy patient who is planning to relocate his labor force to China. Meanwhile, Foreman chairs Park’s disciplinary hearing, while Adams assesses her own ethics when she learns of their patient’s relocation plans.

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