Just how does Chase help Park in “Gut Check”?

Apparently Park wants to live somewhere else, but she can’t make it happen on her own.

House season 8 episode guide. House “Gut Check” Summary / Synopsis

House and the team take on the case of a 22-year-old minor league hockey player who collapsed while coughing up blood after a fight on the ice. As hockey players tend to do. (Fight – that is.)

Meanwhile, House drops a bomb on Wilson (something he tends to do quite a bit), and Chase offers to help Park change her living arrangement in the “Gut Check.”

Chase and Park: will they ever really date?

What are these two up to now? What kind of store at they in? Pay attention.

House M.D. “Gut Check” Season 8 Episode 16 airs Monday April 9 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

House season 8 pictures: Jordin Althaus/FOX