On House “Better Half” a routine drug trial for Alzheimer’s patients goes awry and has unseen side effects. House and Foreman argue, and Wilson has his hands full with a patient who may be lying about the state of her marriage.

House “Better Half” Summary / Synopsis

An Alzheimer’s patient visits Princeton Plainsboro as part of a hospital sanctioned drug trial, but when he inexplicably suffers from violent vomiting and an increasingly explosive temper, the team begins to unravel a deeper marriage conflict between the patient and his dutiful wife. Meanwhile, House and Foreman butt heads, and Wilson treats a patient who claims to be in a chaste marriage.

Premiere date: January 23 2012. Melanie Lynsky guest stars. House season 8 episode 9. Photos: Adam Tyler for Fox.

Foreman and House

House and his new team in “Better Half.”

House looks annoyed.


Hugh Laurie in the House Season 8 episode “Better Half.”