House‘s season seven finale ended with Greg on a beach, having run off after he drove his car right into Cuddy’s living room. It was the crash heard through the Twittersphere, in fact. I was not nearly as excited to watch the finale until I heard something major happened. Knowing it would be our last chance to (probably) see Cuddy, I was anticipating something…good. You know? I don’t want to insult the finale and call it bad, but I can’t call it good, either.

The case of the week had a patient that unnerved me, and felt annoying. I had less than zero investment in it. I was practically fast-forwarding through those segments.

House, unable to talk about a significant break-up, breaks down and loses control of all rational thought as he throws a tantrum by hurtling a car through Cuddy’s house. I’m pretty sure that’s attempted manslaughter.

I’ve finally come to realize that I really respect Lisa Cuddy, and find her to be a strong female role model. That is, except when it comes to House. It’s not that she doesn’t stand up to him, it’s that the show circumvents anything she can do to make him come out on top. And sure, he’s our star and we focus on him – but at the cost of what? The character of house now disturbs me, probably without a chance of recovery. He’s been immature before, but this goes beyond that.

As I see it, there’s one easy fix that I hope House season 8 doesn’t use. As Lisa Edelstein is leaving the show, and even though Cuddy has banned House and he’s probably going to be arrested – it may be that House ends up back at Princeston Plainsboro Hospital. But where does that leave us? We can’t have House separated from his team, and we really only finally got used to his new team. And how else can you really incorporate Wilson, and all of the sets? Is House going to practice medicine on an island, in jail? I don’t have high hopes. Can the character of House ever be redeemed? Just how long and how far is he going to spiral?

Readers, what out of the box suggestions do you have? Should House develop amnesia? Or, I know, should House die and Wilson take over? Maybe the show time travel forward 20 years when House is out of prison? Or is there really no coming back from last night’s House finale?