Read this House Review to see why we gave this episode the grade of C. We can tell also you who owned that sword, but not why the mid-season finale of House decided to end with that puzzling image.

House “Perils of Paranoia” Review

Themes of paranoia ran rampant in this episode of House season 8. House was paranoid about Wilson setting traps. Wilson was paranoid about whether House’s gun was real or fake. Park was paranoid about not being liked. Foreman was paranoid about women being told to ask him out on dates. The patient of the week was paranoid about the collapse of society… hell, even the patient that House saw in his clinic hours had a paranoid boss who used some nitrate/vaseline to see who was stealing from him. We are not a trusting society, man! Being paranoid doesn’t let you enjoy things, however. And therein lies the suckitude.

The Good of House “Perils of Paranoia”

  • “Dangerous people don’t break into your home, they live in it.” – House
  • This episode guest starred Meghan from Felicity! Amanda Foreman! I adore her.
  • Wouldn’t having a secret passage be cool? Just, don’t fill it with guns. That’s creepy.
  • “You don’t have anything you need. You only have what you want.” – Wilson to House (Make sure you have a bit of both on your Christmas lists.
  • I enjoyed House catching Wilson in a trap, and Wilson trying (fake failing) and locking House in the bathroom. Wilson reminds me of a puppy dog that’s the runt and often is left behind. That makes him all the more lovable.
  • It’s seemed like Adams and Chase would get together, so I was cheering when Park got into the elevator and asked Chase out on a date! Yes. It was especially fun because you know that little Miss Priss Adams totally wanted Chase to ask her out.
  • The song at the end of House “Perils of Paranoia” was “Waking Life” by Schuyler Fisk

More after the paranoid jump.

The Bad of House “Perils of Paranoia”

  • I honestly thought there would be more to this patient than his secret arsenal of guns and how it meant he was paranoid and blah blah. Despite the playfulness in the episode, the tone overall was a little … flat.
  • Does House own a real gun? I still can’t be sure if that was a fake or not. I’m also not sure of the significance of the masking tape that said “House” on the box the gun was in. Much like Wilson, I still can’t believe it is fake long enough to let someone shoot me with it or to shoot someone else with it. And in that way, yes, I’m paranoid (and not exactly well educated about guns.) I’m also not sure about the sword being significant except that it was House’s Dad’s and maybe he views it as better protection than a gun.
  • House made the patient go way too long without breathing. I do not think I can hold my breathe that long!
  • I don’t care much about Foreman, and I especially don’t care about his scandalous adultery storyline. And Yaya DaCosta? Wasn’t she that girl on America’s Next Top Model who was (as most of them are) a total brat?
  • Oh, that? That’s the curve control on the 2012 Ford Edge! It slows the car down if you take turns too fast. I know that they can do better-integrated product placements than this!

Grade: C. Most episodes have been better for House season 8, so I don’t know why the Mid-Season Finale had to be so insultingly stale.
React: What do you think the significance of the gun in the box and the sword mean?

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House airs Monday nights on Fox and stars Hugh Laurie.