Let’s see if there are a couple of tidbits to get you excited about this new series on Showtime…

Feeling the urge for some House of Lies spoilers? Well, okay then.

  • A major betrayal will show what an unusual dynamic two of our main characters have with each other.
  • Marty’s Mom, who committed suicide, will not be forgotten. She’s an unspoken presence with Marty.
  • Jeannie (Kristen Bell) will be pleasing people who have podophilia. (Foot worship.) Seriously. She may have gone barefoot for a day in support of TOMS shoes, but this is much more, uh –  intense. You might not think people care about Kristen Bell’s feet, but if you google “Kristen Bell Barefoot” you’ll find some very obsessive videos and sites. Apparently the soles are the cleavage of the toes. Uhh… moving on.
  • Be prepared to think Indiana isn’t so boring. And not just because it’s home of the Raggedy Ann doll.

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