Do Jeannie (Kristen Bell) and Marty (Don Cheadle) have romance in their future?

house of lies

House of Lies had its season 1 finale on Showtime this week. It was told with a mix of flashbacks/flash forwards.

If you missed the episode, the merger was going through until Jeannie stepped up. She was drunk, and decided she’d save their jobs by outing her affair with the Rainmaker. See, she wasn’t the only woman who was sleeping with him after getting a promise about getting a bump in her career for uh…bumpin’ in the boardroom.


“I would like to make a toast to some of the women at Galweather, who when they stand with me, will indicate that they are part of a class action lawsuit against MetroCapital’s Galweather Group,” Jeannie said. “Most of whom have slept with the Rainmaker. I know I did. Sleep with him.”

And boy did plenty of other women stand up with her.

Jeannie’s move definitely impressed Marty, who always comes through by forgoing ethics and thinking fast on his feet. And the pair shared a lingering glance near the end of the episode that could mean more.

And Kristen Bell delivered a powerful scene when Jeannie admitted her “bad behavior” to the fiancee she never loved. The script was perfect in these moments, as they discussed whether she was his Plan A or Plan B.

Fans of House of Lies must wait until House of Lies Season 2 to find out what happens now that the merger has been killed. If you have any House of Lies season 2 spoilers, lay them on us!