Although “Love is Blind” didn’t give us as quite a juicy conundrum to dissect with the patient as usual, we did get some motion on a series finale plot for the character of Gregory House (Hugh Laurie.) Leaving us to wonder when Wilson will get the balls to duck his head into a room just to ask, “Who’s your daddy?”

House Review “Love is Blind”

In saying there wasn’t a juicy conundrum, I’m slightly misleading you. The patient this week was a blind guy who had two girlfriends. When his first girlfriend (a total caretaker type) told him to go on a break before they got married, he found the second girlfriend (who let him be independent.) He had changed his mind, and was going to propose to the second girlfriend. But, since she was out of the country he didn’t tell the first girlfriend he was going to break up with her, because he didn’t want to be alone in the hospital. Plus, the timing was pretty bad.

Through the course of this treatment, to be cured he had to become deaf. And after that happened, he decided to propose to the first girlfriend. You can view this as him having seen (no pun) the light and deciding she was the right one for him. House probably would tell you that this guy was scared as hell at the prospect of being not just deaf and blind for his entire life, but in never getting anyone else to ever love him. I probably believe in people too much, but even I think it’s the second option.

The ultimate cheese factor (cheating) happened when the woman accepts the proposal and her now-fiancee learns he can kind of hear her. So, everyone is happy. More or less.

Perhaps the deeper question is not whether it’s wrong to be so harsh on the man, becasuse of his disaiblities. However, as Chase pointed out in the episode, disabled people don’t want us to treat them differently. Should we really have different standards for them? It’s a jerk move to have two girlfriends. But here, it wasn’t billed as being quite as bad. I think the biggest betrayal is the guy giving up on the love he really wanted to go with what’s safe and predictable. All in all, that’s pretty depressing.

Now that we know House’s Dad wasn’t his Dad, or his assumed Dad, it’s time to go on a Daddy Hunt.

Assorted Greatness

I don’t know that the plots themselves are ever specifically why I liked House. It’s the insights that happen because of the plots and the script writing. As long as the scripts could be this good, the show really could have gone on forever.

  • SMITBAWS – stabbing me in the back as we speak.
  • “Who are you hiiding from?” “Evil.” – Park/House
  • “We’re on a break like Rachel and Ross from Friends.” (Vinny on Jersey Shore also envoked this comparison. Are 90’s sitcom references coming back?)
  • Spitting out teeth! So gross.
  • “They’re (the kids) laughing because they know it’s…(insert complicated medical explanation).” – House
  • House’s elaborate prop drawings.
  • Park’s hallucinations of people as rabbits and fairies.
  • The scene between Park and Taub, about getting your heart broken.
  • “Ignore her, she’s tripping on acid.” – House to his Mom

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House airs on Fox. Created by David Shore.

Love is Blind directed by: Tim Southam
Love is Blind written by David Shore (creator), John C. Kelley
Guest starring: Diane Baker as House’s Mom Blythe