“People define honor as whatever makes them feel honorable.”

My first reaction to this episode of House (“Blowing the Whistle”) was that I’d seen them do this premise before. And then I checked, and I definitely had. Which means it’s just another way that Adams is Cameron 2.0! The first time around was in House season 3, in the episode “Half-Wit.”

The Taubinator won! Photo: Fox

In that episode, House was pretending to be sick so he could benefit from a cancer treatment that also made him high. Naturally, his curious team meddles and tries to treat him.

The outcome in “Blowing the Whistle” may have been different, but it was difficult not to draw comparisons.

The patient this week was Arlen Escarpeta, and he committed treason. His loyal and loving brother was played by Sharf Atkins.

The patient did what he believed was honorable, with fairly solid motivation behind it. Like House, his methods were faulty.

Both the patient and his brother were motivated by their father, and wanting him to be proud of him. But the patient didn’t know the entire truth. His brother had covered it up to keep the memories pure for his brother. Both brothers did what they thought was honorable, in their respective situations. And they both did it by breaking rules. Acting with honor is not always the easiest thing to do.

And also breaking House’s rules was Chase, who ratted him out to Foreman. He thought he was being honorable.

He also realized that House would want someone to notice if he was off his game, and if anyone would ever hold him accountable. Even though House’s payback wasn’t kind to Chase, I felt he was ultimately glad for what Chase did. House wants people to disobey him, but he also wants to be able to punish them.

Had no one ratted out House, he may have felt they were all chickens. Imagine what an apartment of chickens would be like.

What did you think of House “Blowing the Whistle”? Would you break the rules to do the honorable thing?

House “Blowing the Whistle” review Notes:

Wilson, you really had to break up that date by confessing one of them had a “compulsive addiction to nose picking”? Harsh!

The TAUBINATOR. God, don’t you love that?

I honestly don’t know the iCarly theme song.

There were some pretty great quotes.