Quotes from Season 8 of House M.D.

House Quotes – season 8 – “Blowing the whistle”

Or maybe he thinks you have more than one nondescript white blouse. – Park

Seriously. Adams wears the same clothes every day, no matter if she has a walk of shame or not.

“Sleep study!” – House
“You drugged him?” – Wilson
“I didn’t say the study was voluntary.”

Good point, Doctor!

While having you juggle my jewels sounds interesting, there’s no such thing as friends with benefits. It always gets weird. – House

People who want House/Wilson probably swooned at this line.

Conspiracy theorists will go nuts if the patient dies. – Taub

House is a total conspiracy theorist, isn’t he?

People define honor as whatever makes them feel honorable. – House

So wise. Dammit.

“Hop on one foot and sing the iCarly theme song. …Like you don’t know it?” – House
The patient does this. Wilson walks in.
“Dammit, man. Can’t you see I’m doctoring?!” – House

Who is this Carly person?

This is one of the symptoms of working for House. You start seeing zebras everywhere. – Wilson

Or maybe elephants.

Which can result in side effects – like death. – Adams

Which is only one side effect. To be fair.

Greek for ‘uselessness’- House

Who knew I was fluent in Greek?

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