Highlights of House M.D. Season 8 “The C Word.”

“We’ll do it at my place.”
House’s gesture to break all the rules and go against what he believes is right says a lot about his friendship (or bromance) with Wilson. Getting House to the point where he’ll agree with Wilson was a major plot point.

The scenes with House/Wilson at House’s place.

It’s hard to pinpoint just one part. From the emotional high’s to the lows and everywhere in between, this was stellar. I.E. “Lost a contact?” “You talked a lot. I stopped listening when you confessed your fear of dolphins.”

The little girl’s case wasn’t particularly interesting…

However, she was darn adorable.

Robert Sean Leonard gave a powerful performance when he explained why he wished he’d been more like House.

And the reason being that then he’d at least feel like he deserved cancer. There’s a lot of truth in that. Wilson goes out of his way to be a good guy, and he might question those reasons in his darker moments.

Wilson walking in to see that video of him with House and the strippers was so, so perfect.

“Hold tight, hooold tight. Anyway you want it…” The lyrics are appropriate, too.

House M.D. Picture courtesy of FOX.