House M.D. “Post Mortem” Season 8 Episode 20 airs Monday May 7 at 9:00 PM on Fox.

house post mortem

House M.D. Review Questions: How much fun will this episode be? Will House work with his team again in the last few episodes or just be with Wilson? How will the team trick Dr. Treiber?

House M.D. “Post Mortem” Synopsis: In an episode directed by and guest-starring Peter Weller (Dexter, RoboCop), the team takes on the case of Dr. Peter Treiber (guest star Jamie Elman), a pathologist at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital who knows too much about the hospital staff to trust any of the physicians. The only person he does respect is House, who has mysteriously gone missing. With House in absentia, the team has to figure out how to treat Treiber while making him believe that House is calling all the shots.

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house post mortem

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Pictures: Adam Taylor/NBC