Read highlights of the  House M.D. episode “Post Mortem” as soon as you make sure your soap isn’t giving you hypothyroidism!

jamie elman

It’s fairly impossible to point out every great thing about a House M.D. episode. (Not all shows are this kind to us.) These 4 “best moments” have been condensed.

The way House looked at Wilson when he arrived with his new car was perfect.

Wilson is sometimes a fumbling idiot, but he made a gallant try at being better than that. In fact…

Wilson became Kyle Calloway. Now, the story of who the real Kyle was ended up being kind of heartbreaking.

But in the meantime, Wilson did his best to stop over-thinking. This treated us to a fun road trip with monster steaks and threesomes! In the end, Wilson didn’t fail at his attempt. He couldn’t stop being the wholesome person that he has always been.

The patient this week was an incredibly fun angle to play.

Often patients and other doctors at the hospital dislike House and won’t work with him, this time the patient only wanted house. So, naturally, House was gallivanting about!

Patient vs. Chase

The backstory of what went down ten years ago did finally propel Chase to move on, which is the right call. I just hope he’s back for the finale.

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