Here’s a House M.D. “Holding On” review, which we’ll get to as soon as we flood a hospital MRI room…

House forced Wilson to be knocked out, but he didn’t treat him with chemo as we thought.

Instead, House was trying to show Wilson what it would be like to be dead. But Wilson didn’t have the revelations about life that House had hoped would be the result. This bit played out funny, but then ended on a sad note.

House become a mushy type as he tried to save Wilson by bringing him around in a new tactic – old patients.

And who didn’t tear up hearing and seeing all of the people who Wilson had saved? They even had his first patient, played by Greek’s Jacob Zachar – who I love. (Because Greek on ABC Family was only one of the best shows evaaaar, come on!) The bad news was that House had gotten all of those people to lie, and none of them were actual patients. Still, Wilson should have accepted that somewhere, those patients were out there and would thank him! Does it matter if they weren’t the ones there? Stand-in’s don’t count? Wilson must know how much he’s appreciated.

Olivia Wilde returned as Thirteen/Remy!
It was brief, but she was there. And she delivered a beautiful performance.

Taub made a statement about how post 9/11 studies had proved that repression is better than dwelling on things.
This wasn’t a huge part of the episode but I took notice of it. There are bad things in my life, like anyone’s. And while I’ve worked hard to accept them, come to terms, face them, etc – sometimes I hear conflicting information about “fake it till you make it” and such. I wonder if lying to yourself is actually, at some point, a good thing to do if it helps you move along? The episode seemed to prove the opposite point, though… the patient needed to know about his little brother and it helped him grieve and deal with that loss.

Park hasn’t been my favorite character at any point, and she’s never had a significant relationship with House.
But she will always be the one who literally knocked some sense into his noggin. With his own cane. Ha!


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