cuddy house

Lisa Cuddy’s life is so heavily stressful that I had gone back to my HS habit of biting my fingernails by the time the recent House M.D. episode “5 to 9” came to its bittersweet end. (Some say that watching 24 is intense, I say THAT was intense.) I had several revelations as I watched. Obvs you want me to share them, since I am oh-so wise. Like Buddha. Or Heidi Klum (in terms of  fashion insight).

  • Lisa Edelstein has very nice breasts. I’m straight. But I’m acknowledging them.
  • Cuddy’s boyfriend, Lucas, seems to be so wrong for her it’s like a joke. Is she dating him out of retaliation, or does she really like him? Bad taste in men, Cuddy. I never realized how wrong he was for her until this episode.
  • Why would House team up with Lucas after Lucas pranked Wilson and House’s pad?
  • Part of me really thinks that Cuddy should have never adopted a kid. She’s never there for her. But maybe things will change in Cuddy’s life, and if Life Unexpected is teaching us anything – kids need to be adopted! (And Bong Lamps are apparently the height of cooldom).
  • If I thought there was a cure for me that only breast milk could provide, I think I’d try it too. I don’t blame the guy for wanting to try everything. Although, ew.
  • I REALLY want a fake flower voice recorder now. But isn’t it illegal to record someone without their knowledge?
  • Cuddy first fired the pharmacy woman thinking she was basically innocent, and it made me angry. How many second chances has she given to House or Chase or Foreman? Maybe it’s “who you know” that really makes the world go round.
  • They save your thumb, and you’re mad because you’d rather have money? That is crazy reasoning. How can you hitchhike without a thumb?
  • “House: I tried to cure a guy with cancer by using malaria to win a $50 bet. You really wanna be more like me?” Yes. I know he claims he’s miserable, but I think he’s happy. And I wanna be happy.