Loving the fashion you see on Emily Thorne on ABC’s Revenge? Emily VanCamp is going to be wearing a lot of great clothing in this roll. And this is one of the few Fall TV shows that everyone agrees is amazing. So, hop on board!

In promotional material for Revenge, Emily VanCamp wore this white Alice + Olivia Reese Peplum Dress. It’s strapless, made of cotton, and has an asymmetrical detail. The problem I have with this dress is that you can’t really understand the details of the dress the way it was photographed. The last thing you want is to look like you have a larger hip or stomach. You can find it for sale on ebay, here.

Dress like Emily Thorn with even … more white! In the Revenge pilot, Emily’s character once again wore a white dress. This time, the dress was kind of shapeless and Grecian. And, surprisingly, it’s a Rachel Zoe Dress. The name is “Draped Grecian Dress” and it is currently available from Neiman Marcus, here.

For more Emily Thorne style, try a large starfish ring like this one by Kate Spade. As this one is no longer in stock, try one of theseĀ  starfish rings.

P.S. Is it Emily Thorn or Emily Thorne? E, there’s an e at the end.

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