When we left off with Homeland last week, Brody had faked a polygraph and slept with Carrie. Can things get more intense? Certainly. Viewers can now take note of “The Weekend” that Carrie (Claire Danes) and Brody (Damian Lewis) are taking together. The episode summary is below, and we’ll have our Homeland review up shortly after the episode airs on Showtime, EST. Hopefully you’re enjoying this dramatic series as much as us.

HOMELAND Season 1 Episode 7 “The Weekend” – Showtime

Their relationship becoming more complicated by the minute, Brody and Carrie take leave of their responsibilities – and their senses – disappearing into the country together for the weekend. But the unlikely solace they find in each other is destined to be broken when the truth emerges: Carrie has and always will suspect Brody of terrorism. Meanwhile, Mike and Jessica face the fallout of the revelation of their affair, and its effect on the rebellious Dana. Saul catches up with Aileen, alone and on the run to Mexico, and drives her back across the country to Langley. He hopes their close quarters will provide a catalyst, revealing how a privileged American girl could turn to violent extremism against her own country. Starring Claire Danes, Damian Lewis and Mandy Patinkin. Written by Meredith Stiehm. Directed by Michael Cuesta