In tonight’s episode of Homeland on Showtime you should be prepared for a major reveal.

Homeland / Showtime

Dear Small Screen Scoop,

I’m loving Homeland. They twists around Sergeant Brody have been keeping me guessing. But when will we understand what’s really going on with him?


Addicted to the Mystery

Dear Addicted,

I suspect we won’t know all about Brody for a long time. He has a complicated backstory, and there are plenty of years where he was kept captive. But in the Homeland episode “Crossfire” you’re going to learn a significant amount of information about Brody. A flashback to three years ago will show you the first time Brody see’s a mirror after all of his torture. You’ll get a definitive answer about what side Brody is on, and you’ll learn his reasoning behind that. Sound pretty juicy? It’s a great episode and we’ll have the Homeland “Crossfire” Review ready for you guys to read right after the ep airs on EST.