Inside this Homeland review: how Saul made math important, a SodaStreamer sighting, and what CIA shows are teaching fans.

Homeland Review ‘Representative Brody’

A lot was said when Brody’s automatic answer to being asked to run for congress was “yes” while his wife’s answer was automatically “no way in hell.” What we learn through this is firstly that Brody doesn’t have to think twice about his allegiance to Abu Nazir, he’s ready to prove himself and follow-through on everything. The second lesson is that Brody and Jessica have a marriage that still doesn’t breed a lot of open communication. Jessica doesn’t just automatically want Brody to turn down the offered position, she assumes that’s what he did. Of course, she’s wrong about that.

Through underhanded techniques, Mike does get his way. Using Mike as a manipulative tool, Brody convinced Jessica that running for Congress was a good idea. Brody got Mike on his side by a multi-prong approach. There was an apology followed by a guilt card, a thank-you, and the tinge of a threat. It was all wrapped up in one confusing head-scratcher. And worst of all, Mike acquiesced and presented the argument for Brody. Jess wasn’t fooled by the way in which the message was delivered, but she still decided to let Brody have his way despite the fact that she believes politics will take him away from his family once again.

Jessica and Brody are both aware of each others’ dalliances. Which is a kind way of saying they know they’ve both screwed around on each other. There’s no good argument for why cheating is okay, but it’s important to mention that Jessica didn’t cheat on Brody once she realized he was still alive. Brody cheated on Jess in a much more cruel way.

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Speaking of Carrie, she really likes jazz. The first time we see her listening to it is while she’s driving along in her car. The second time she’s setting a mood with Miles Davis, candles and wine. But she’s misinterpreted Brody’s intentions. He didn’t come over to screw around, he just wanted to ensure that no one knew or could know that they had slept together.

Brody presents this under the guise of “my wife can’t find out” which is interesting, since we know that he is fully aware that his wife already knows. While Carrie used to be the one who couldn’t have anyone knowing about this secret, now it is Brody who can’t have it leak out. Who do you think he’s afraid will discover this secret? Abu Nazir?

After Brody’s emotional hit and run, Carrie is left like a pathetic high school girl after a bad date. She’s visibly upset. After all, she put on lipstick for him, dammit! Good wine goes to waste. It’s a whole tragic thing.

Saul is also having his own tragedy, now that his wife has left. He spends his time staying late at work and eating peanut butter out of the jar with a ruler instead of a knife. (No one else will care, but I spotted a Soda Stream container in the CIA frige!) There are tons of pointless questions I’d love to ask Saul about this moment, like: why not just use your finger so you don’t have to clean the ruler? why do you even have a ruler? do you plan to wipe the ruler clean or just throw it out? were you eating the peanut butter on saltines? do you think water seems fancier when it’s in a cubed shaped plastic water bottle? … Yup.

Near the end of the episode there’s a suicide bomber (or a homeless guy who is being painted as one – I doubt he knew the briefcase would explode.) Tom Walker knew he was being set up, and the most interesting question of the entire episode was about how Walker would know. Saul provided the answer, looking at past events and adding them up. There is a mole in the U.S. Government. Juicy.

Carrie sheds a tear of remorse when she see’s Body and Jess on TV, announcing the blah blah blah of politics. She’ll have a fun time taking Brody down when she learns that he’s not as clean as he seems. The episode cuts away as Claire Danes is mid lip quiver, as only Danes can do.

Homeland Quotes

“What’s in Geneva?”
“Cuckoo Clocks.”

“I suck c*ck and I love it. Yummy yummy yummy yum.”

“So I’m bait?”
“You’re bait.”

Homeland season 1 episode 10. Airs on Showtime. Stars Claire Danes, Mandy Patinkin and Damian Lewis.

Episode Grade: B

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