The mystery deepens on Showtime’s new series Homeland, as Sgt. Brody looks more guilty.

Is Sgt. Brody compromised or not? That’s the big question for Homeland, and in “Blind Spot” we got more fuel for that fire. And this information was also shared with the characters of Carrie and Saul. So we’re all on the same page. And while Carrie is at her tipping point, Saul is still holding back. Like Carrie, I believe her suspicions should be shared with higher-up’s. But those higher-up’s might be reluctant to hear her.

I believe it was pretty reckless to let Sgt. Brody in to see his former guard, Hamid. Closure is good, but certain things we decide to label as “closure” don’t always provide it. Estes probably allowed this just to placate Brody. And it’s entirely possible that Brody did slip a razor to Hamid. During the interrogation, Carrie asked about Brody to Hamid, and was told she’d get answers later. Maybe there was no damning confession to be made about Brody being turned, but the possibility is there. It lingers. It makes us wonder.

There were a lot of character dynamics going on in “Blind Spot”, but my favorite dynamic was the one between Carrie and Saul. These are two amazing actors (Mandy Patinkin and Claire Danes) holding the reigns on these characters. Their argument at his house was so powerful and honest.

The title of this episode, for me, refers not to just the blind spot on the video where Sgt. Brody may or may not have passed a blade to Hamid, but to the ever present truth that all characters (and people) have blind spots. And what you don’t see can change everything.

What did you guys think of the episode? Do you think Sgt. Brody had anything to do with the razor blade?

Showtime – Homeland Season 1 Episode 5 “Blind Spot” Summary: Thirteen insurgents were killed during the raid in which Sgt. Brody was rescued, but one man escaped: Afzal Hamid, who has just been captured and brought to America. The CIA wants Brody to confirm intelligence gathered during Hamid’s interrogation, but Carrie has a different endgame: if she can play things her way, Hamid might prove her right about Brody once and for all. But what goes down between Brody and his former torturer will surprise everyone. Meanwhile, the agency is hot on the trail of Aileen and Faisel, the lovers who bought the house near the airport with funds from the stolen necklace.