“Hollywood Game Night is a boring waste of my time,” – said no one, ever.

hollywood game night

If nothing else, I hope this article convinces you to buy all the episodes on iTunes. You WILL fall in love with it. Photo: NBC.

You may be waiting for a intelligent, mind-boggling reasoning to answer the title of this piece. But, your mind grapes are not going to be boggled, as the answer is clear…

The show is frickin’ awesome.

Lively, often hysterical, and (probably, maybe, possibly!) scientifically guaranteed to put a smile on your face…Hollywood Game Night on NBC is a TV show you can’t get tired of.

This is partly a selfish plea, I only discovered the show recently, just as it’s about to end. And to replace it for the Fall season? Dumb shows like Ryan Seacrest’s latest game show where people with no humor or talent can take vague guesses and win thousands of dollars. I’m sorry, but that is boring, and downright insulting to the history of game shows, and interesting people! You might as well watch a line of people go up to any semi-famous person with a moderately handsome face, holding out their hands to receive their $500.00. Snooze alert!

jane lynch

Jane Lynch is the perfect host, her enthusiasm is welcoming for shy guests. Photo: NBC.

Instead, I…demand more of Hollywood Game Night! I haven’t talked to anyone who’s watched an episode and then said they didn’t love it. LOVE it. Feel the passion? It isn’t a show to like, it’s a show you love. Plus, you can turn it into a drinking game (not endorsed by NBC) really easily.

An extra plus is that these are fun games that you can take notes from and play with your own almost-as-cool friends.

P.S. Where else can you learn shocking celebrity-offered trivia, like how Aubrey Plaza probably made out with John Mayer. (Although, to be fair, I think she was being sarcastic about that.) WHAT.

A big thank-you to Jane Lynch for being the clever host, and for Sean Hayes and Todd Milliner for bringing this show to NBC. It was the first stepping-stone in Hayes taking back NBC to make it golden again. (Phase 2 will be Sean Saves the World, premiering this fall.)

If we can’t get DVDs or Blu-rays…at least there will be a Hollywood Game Night Season 2. Thank you, universe.

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