These episodes are too fun to not re-live with a little recap lovin’!

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Hollywood Game Night “Party Boys vs. Game Night Girls”
Season 2, Episode 2

The Celebrity contestants: Julie Bowen, Valerie Bertinelli, Beth Behrs, Jason Alexander, Martin Short, Lestor Holt.

  • Julie Bowen accidentally fell off her couch.
  • Martin Short wastes time by being the class clown.
  • Martin Short army crawled on the floor.
  • …AND, Martin Short called Beth Behrs “Pebble” because of her hair.
  • The female “civilian” looked like Jane Seymour with different hair.
  • Beth Behrs has never seen or read a Harry Potter book or movie.
  • Julie Bowen made someone cry on Celebrity Jeopardy, if you didn’t know.
  • Jason Alexander really is wearing a hair piece now.
  • Cher’s face never ages.
  • In case you forgot, Nicholas Cage did a movie called “Ghost Rider.”
  • Martin Short and Jane Lynch kissed.
  • Beth Behrs twerked. Julie Bowen did an extreme twerk.
  • Making fun of Blockbuster is still a fun-but-sad thing to do.
  • Jason Alexander has no Emmy’s.
  • Julie Bowen took awards for Modern Family to beat Jane Lynch. But they’re chummy anyway.
  • I’m in love with Julie Bowen all the more, now, and her stylist.
  • Valerie Bertinelli is super humble.
  • Noise canceling headphones really do work.
  • When Julie Bowen, Beth Behrs and Valerie Bertinelli do their best “Moves like Jagger,” they look like they’re doing the chicken dance.
  • Julie Bowen pretending to be wind under your arms is…the best thing ever.

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