Mock me all you want, but I enjoy some guilty pleasure reality shows. I used to enjoy catching a few episodes of The Girls Next Door, and while I haven’t loved Kendra, (but did enjoy Bridget’s Beaches – okay, you can laugh at THAT) I do want to check out the new show with Holly Madison.

The show is called Holly’s World, and it will premiere at 10:30 pm on Sunday, June 13th. It will follow a new episode of Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami. And I cannot stand them, so at least give me points for that!

Holly's World: Holly Madison. Photo: E!

Holly's World: Holly Madison. Photo: E!

Holly’s World is based in Las Vegas, because Holly has fallen in love with the city. Madison has always been a great character, and fun to watch. While you might initially want to hate any girl who would be with Hugh Hefner, or in Playboy (for…a myriad of reasons) I’ve found that I could never hate Holly. She seemed really in love with Hef, and she’s just wacky and funny and sweet. I always liked Bridget, too. (Admittedly, I was never a fan of Kendra’s.)

From the press release:

In her new destination, Holly hit the ground running and quickly made a big name for herself as the sexy lead in the successful Vegas stage show Peepshow. The six nights a week performances have not kept Holly from settling in to her crazy, new life and forming brand new relationships with a tight-knit circle of outrageous friends. This group has no shortage of adventures, and Holly is busy playing everything from mother to matchmaker. She even takes them to Mexico for a calendar shoot that becomes an unforgettable south-of-the-border escapade.

In addition to embracing her new friends, Holly has fallen in love with Vegas and almost immediately finds herself taking on the role of the city’s “first lady.” From getting involved in local politics to addressing traffic issues on the Strip, Holly dives in head first seeking out all kinds of new projects and juggles many responsibilities as she puts down roots.  Just as Holly took her last famous residence by storm, she plans to turn Vegas upside down and make it her very own.

You might be asking why I, someone who watches a lot of good-quality TV shows, would watch this one. I mean, I don’t even like reality TV! Well, I guess sometimes it’s nice to unwind a bit. I have problems relaxing, especially when every TV show I watch seems like something I need to be taking notes on. Even just watching the Holly’s World trailers makes me want to be giggly, take life less seriously,  wear a pink hairclip, and just relax.

I told my friend how I never relax, and he says it’s because I’m waiting for Simon Cowell to call me up for a date. HAR! That is false. I want Lee Pace to call me up for a date. My taste in men, as with TV, is impeccable. Please google him if you don’t believe me.

hollys world

Holly’s World Premieres Sunday, June 13th at 10:30pm on E!

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