I’ll tell you what I did if I was Holly’s stylist…

Blake told Holly that she belongs on The Voice, and she could be a great role model for younger girls.

Holly Tucker

Holly Tucker

She may not be a “Barbie” type, but her voice has helped her know that she still deserves to be heard. And what a beautiful voice she has!

“I don’t fit the mold…like, what a superstar should look like…” – Holly

Blake wants her to loosen up and have more fun.

She took to the stage with two video panels of floating black/blue water stuff. And honestly, I couldn’t even focus on her outfit, because her voice sounded so pure and strong. Hers is a voice you can trust. She’s someone you really do want to root for. It’s surprising, to me, that her voice has such a strength and confidence to it when we’ve seen that she actually has a lot of insecurities. But it’s amazing that it worked out that way, and hopefully her confidence is only growing with every performance.


I want to buy this cover by Holly on iTunes right away and sing it in the shower.

She got a standing ovation by Coach Blake.

Usher said she did an incredible job.

Shakira said it was beautiful, and she is reliable pitch-wise. (See, that’s what I was saying…kinda!)

Adam told her she was a beautiful woman. “You’re better looking and more talented than Blake is…” he joked.

“Everybody in this competition just sat up and said ‘oh man, that’s who I’ve got to beat.” – Blake

Okay, I DO have styling notes. The green dress was pretty, yes. But the boatneck cut and short booties are not flattering on people who aren’t model thin. It’s tough to pull certain things off, and I think a different neckline would have been more flattering. See, I’m already trying to be her stylist. It’s not that the dress wasn’t pretty, or that it looked so bad on her… I just know she could do better. As for her eye makeup…perfecto. The lips… I think less matte and more glossy because otherwise you’re taking us back to the 90’s. Ditto on the bangs. She needs to grow them out, don’t you think? These are just tweaks I’d do! She’s beautiful.

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