When Holly Tucker went home on The Voice 2013 last night, it seemed like almost everyone was hoping it would be her.


But if you close your eyes (like in the blind auditions on The Voice) and listen to Holly’s voice next to the other blonde country crooner on Team Blake Shelton, Danielle Bradbery, who has the better and stronger voice?

Tucker had previously expressed insecurity about not looking pretty enough to fit the mold. And while the other coaches, like Adam Levine, said she was beautiful…it seems America judges with their eyes as much as their ears.

Both Tucker and Bradbery have truly good voices, but the later has a “cuter” look to her. Meanwhile, Tucker is pretty but not as drop dead gorgeous, and she also has more of a curvy body.

The show is supposed to be about voices, but do you think America considered the total package and decided they’d rather have Danielle?

Keep in mind, we know more about Holly! She plays the sax, she’s very religious, and she’s very close to her parents. The only thing I can remember about Danielle is that she’s the youngest girl in the competition, and had never performed much before.

No one is saying Danielle isn’t a good singer.

But vocally, is she better than Tucker? I don’t think so. But now it’s your turn to be heard on this matter by filling out our poll….