She’s ready to be recognized as a country artist, especially because country music has helped her get through everything in life.


@HollyTMusic actually tweeted at Small Screen Scoop, so we’re especially big fans of her now!

She worked on really connecting with her song here so she could tell the story and let people relate to her. And did it pay off? It really did.

Performance Remarks

Usher wanted to know if she thought it was a coincidence. “Anybody who ever doubted your talent is a frickin’ idiot.” He said she really gave it to the audience this time, and it was wonderful.

Shakira said she had to borrow a word from Blake, “Gosh Darn Girl!” Shakira was really impressed.

“I am not Usher. …Would be nice.” – Adam (haha)

Adam and Blake both agreed it was the best she’d sang so far. And they get to say that every week, which is very good news. It means there is progress and she’s learning and taking notes.

“I know somewhere Martina McBride is going ‘oh my gosh’…” and he said that finally someone would make her proud of a cover.

Holly’s voice is just unreal, it’s so strong and amazing.

Holly Tucker Broken Wing Video

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