Like many things I discover online, I’m not entirely sure how I lead myself to a series of choppy Sorority Life episodes on YouTube. But, because nostalgia is a sweet nectar, I’m very glad I did. Sorority Life was an MTV reality TV show that aired from the summer of 2002 until 2004.

I only remember the first season, and I really wish they had made it available on DVD. Can you imagine if none of The Hills seasons were on DVD? Well, that’s how I feel!

Only a few episodes of the series are on YouTube, hosted by RapProducer. He  posts that, “I was lead & finishing editor on on episodes 1-12. Presented for artistic demo purposes.” Sadly, he only posted about 4 episodes, and only parts of them.

The series was created by Sergio Meyers, and followed pledges of the Jewish sorority Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi at UC Davis. I was actually in a sorority in 2002, and I remember that we got an e-mail that was read at a meeting. It basically said, “MTV is trying to find sorority’s to exploit, do not agree to anything!”

I re-watched what was available on YouTube, and the show seems so different. Early 2000 style is very much present, including dark metallic lips.

Songs featured included stuff from Natalie Imbruglia’s second album (which no one besides me probably bought), “Amber” by 311, “If You See Jordan” by Something Corporate and “Because I Wanna” by The Hives. The theme song was “You Get Me” by Michelle Branch. I sang this song to my cat last night, and she was not very pleased.

RapProducer posted an insightful editing comment (I know you all like to learn about editing, riiight?)  to someone that says:

As an editor, we can make ANY place on earth look cool or crappy. Or, we can make ANY person cool or uncool. It’s the storytelling language of TV, and the man behind the curtain is the editor. Give us the same footage, and a good editor can tell a hundred different stories — make you hate someone, love the same person, etc.

In Sorority Life, I tried to be honest about the girls. The town, we never really went into, so I just cut it with energy.

Sorority Life had a spin-off show called Fraternity Life. Surprisingly, MTV still has a Sorority life website up!

One of my favorite’s on the show, Becca Balloon, is now an Editor in the New York department of Broadcast Standards and Practices for ABC. From her Facebook, it looks like she was recently married. It looks like Becca is still friends with Candance Hermsmeyer – a pledge on the show. Candace is now a Mom.

Jessica Alvarez got married and is now Jessica Alvarez Patterson.

Jordan Erlich has a slightly expanded imdb profile now.

Amanda Hale has a Twitter account.

Other cast members included Mara McDermott, Dede Parker, Leslie Schaffer, and Leah Dansker.

Let’s honor other great past MTV shows: FANatic, Punk’d, Dismissed, Road Rules, Undressed, Singled Out, Sifl and Olly, Say What? Karaoke, Room Raiders, Rich Girls, Pimp My Ride, I Want a Famous Face, House of Style and TRL.

Watch Sorority life Online. Episode 1, Act 1:

The history of reality TV shows is craaazy.