While watching Castle tonight I found myself going, “Is that…wait, it is Hilarie Burton!” Behind the shallow persona, wooly bear fake eyelashes and ditzy demeanor, was the beloved actress from White Collar and One Tree Hill!

Based on my own personal experience in interacting with her, Burton is a complete sweetheart and very down to earth. Burton’s character on Castle is based on Kim Kardashian. And those same words don’t necessarily apply to Kim Kardashian. (Does insincere sweetness really count?)

For the role, Burton’s voice is affected in a baby style. Her hair is dark with wavy extensions, and she has a legion of tiny dogs draped in diamonds.

The cherry on top is that Justin Hartley (Smallville) guest stars as Reggie Starr, Kay’s boyfriend.

ET visited the set of Castle and talked to Nathan Fillion and Hilarie Burton. Fillion noted that he doesn’t “follow the Kardashians” but, “I think they’re lovely people … We’re not trying to hurt anybody’s feelings.” With a portrayal so accurate to the truth, to be insulted would be kind of ironic.

Meanwhile, Burton noted that this role is completely different for her. “I don’t think I’ve ever played a ‘hot chick’ before. I always play the quirky friend or the really angry girl.”

When you watch the episode you’ll note that not only was the character written accurately, but Hilarie acted the part as close to perfection as you can get without the aid of photoshopping.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this episode, as it is rich with “omgsocute”Castle/Beckett moments.

What did you think of Hilarie Burton as a Kim Kardashian inspired character?

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Kay Cappuccio Castle Quotes:

“I called the police as soon as I got into the limo.” – Kay Cappuccio

“I have to be so careful with my image. My image is all that I have.”

(Proudly) “I can’t take one step without a million people taking my picture.”

“Why in almost every photo does she pose like this?” – Castle

“Does corporate espionage mean anything to you?”
“No. I seriously don’t know what that means.”

“He could have seen me in the shower… he could have seen me without makeup! I feel so violated.” – Kay Cappuccio

“I never thought I’d say this but I am so sick of looking at myself right now.”

“And people say I’m talentless.” – Kay Cappuccio

“This is depressing. No, I mean my life. It’s shopping. It’s bad enough people take pictures of me doing all this dumb stuff….”

“An Embarrassment of Bitches” Episode Synopsis: When a famous dog trainer is killed, the investigation keeps coming back to charismatic reality TV star Kay Cappuccio (guest star Hilarie Burton, “White Collar”). Kay, a favorite of tabloids and gossip websites the world over, has achieved stardom without possessing any discernible skill or talent. But there seems to be more to her story than she is letting on — does that include murder?

Castle airs on the ABC Television Network.