Heroes: The Art of Deception Review — I have got to say right off the bat, I cracked up when Sylar said, “Parkman, take a load off, have a nosh. We really need to catch up.” If you google Parkman to make sure it’s not spelled ‘Parkmen’ you’ll see the Wiki page for Francis Parkman. Who was apparently best known for a book “The Oregon Trail” which reminds me of that tres old computer game. Wow. That takes me back. Anyway. The show!

Sylar came to find Matt and Matt was none too pleased. I get cranky whenever serial killers visit me, too. Zachary Quinto‘s acting was very …perfect, in this episode. It has to suck to be Parkman when being who you are means that the most dangerous guy in the world looks you up almost every time he needs a favor.

Claire went to make amends with her father, only to find Lauren (Elizabeth Rohm) there.  Ruh-oh! No sweet Claire/Noah moments for us!  That’s when Claire learned that her Dad was planning on infiltrating the Carnival. But her problem seemed to be Gretchen (Madeline Zima), who wanted Claire to be normal and leave things alone and just go to class. But Claire couldn’t just leave things be, she’s more wired like a solider than a college student. After all she’s been through, can you blame her? I was proud when I saw Claire walk out the door to pursue the problem. Always proactive, that one. But Claire and Noah would have much better plans if they would communicate more. They’re both very stubborn, ironically they’re not technically related. But they’re very similar, dontcha think?

After a peaceful surrender between Bennet and Samuel was made, we saw someone shooting at all of the people. But I didn’t think it was Bennet because even Claire got shot. What the WHAT? Okay, Well, it WASN’T Bennet shooting. Lydia seems to be the only one who knows that Samuel did this. “They needed a villain, someone worse than me,” he tells her as she literally lay dying in his arms. I’m going to miss Lydia, she had a cool power and ws actually nice. I really liked how as they pulled away there was Lydia’s “TATTOO GIRL” poster on the side of a building.

Oooh, I loved the Sylar/Gabriel flashbacks where there was an INSTANT of Elle Bishop (Kristen Bell)! So… then Parkman buried Sylar in a wall.  YEA, THAT HAPPENED. Who saw it coming? Very creepy, even if it’s to help the world stay safe. Usually I just recycle when I want to help the world.

Samuel worked this all into a plan to get Emma there, because her power is important  for his plan I guess. I suspect he’s also getting a crush on Emma since his other girl didn’t work out so well.

Tracy Strauss! I was excited to see Ali Larter back on the show, if only for an instant.

Next week: Peter tries to help Sylar, Claire has to make a choice, and Samuel is still evil!