If you want to get an idea of whether or not Hellcats will be up your alley, I’ve got a juicy review of the pilot for you. Read on for my inevitable Dawson’s Creek references.

Hellcats Pictured:  Aly Michalka as Marti, Robbie Jones as Lewis, Ashley Tisdale as Savannah  Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW © 2010 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Hellcats Pictured: Aly Michalka as Marti, Robbie Jones as Lewis, Ashley Tisdale as Savannah Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW © 2010 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Aly Michalka and Ashley Tisdale are the stars of the new Hellcats TV series coming to The CW this fall. I was able to view the Hellcats pilot to review on Small Screen Scoop. I know, I’ve grown up to make watching TV my day job and you think it’s weird – my parents don’t understand either. TV is just much more important than some people realize. But you’re here because you know that TV is amazing, and you want to get the scoop on whether Hellcats will be any good. That’s pretty smart of you. And I have good news.

Hellcats is the perfect addition to the CW lineup. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. If you find yourself quick to make an association between the plot of Hellcats with movies like Bring it On, go ahead. Hellcats full-on incorporates a shout-out to that iconic teenage film of the 90’s. And that movie? Bad ass. So why not have a TV show like it? The entire idea has grown on me since watching the pilot.

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Plot-wise, the show focuses on the Lancer University Hellcats cheering team. Marti is a student who dislikes them but then is forced to get a scholarship from them so she can stay in school.

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Now, I was never a cheerleader (lit mag and newspaper were my areas!), so I’m not sure how much of the technical stuff they have right on this show. I also don’t think the point of the show is to be a reality series about cheering. Don’t watch just to nit pick. TV shows always exaggerate what they can to make better TV.

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One of the technical things that did give me a small pause was that all of the Hellcats live together in Cheertown, which is kind of like a coed Sorority/Fraternity (mostly girls). Whether or not this is an accurate picture of cheerleading on college campuses, I appreciate the idea they use to bring this group together in their domestic lives. And I especially appreciate that we get to see Savannah (Ashley Tisdale) in her very type-A personality with her labels, silk closet hangers, and matching everything.

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Savannah is the opposite of Marti (Aly Michalka), who reminds me of Peyton Sawyer from One Tree Hill, While Savannah loathes negativity and likes to follow rules, Marti is a sarcastic and clever girl who goes with the flow in life. If I can reference the Old Skool WB network show Dawson’s Creek (which I probably do on a daily basis), I’d say Savannah is like Andie McPhee, and Marti is like Joey Potter. Can you imagine those two trying to share a room? There’s a great appeal in the pairing of this insider and outsider. Tisdale is charmingly adorable in Hellcats and Michalka brings in a cool edge.

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The Hellcats pilot was directed by Allan Arkush, and the editing, directing and music all work together to provide you with a high-energy show. Which is much better than shows that drag things along. Along with on-trend new music, the pilot showed off cute fashions and gave hints of future romance.

Though the plot was hurried along for the pilot, and the show does have a few cheesy moments (I wasn’t wild about Marti’s narration), Hellcats is an enjoyable ride that delivers as a strong teenage drama. The Hellcats “bring it on” with no apologies.

Hellcats airs Wednesdays at 9pm starring this fall on The CW.

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