Let’s all take a collective exhale, and then admit we kinda miss the annoying Helen Kim on our weekly Big Brother (#BB15) installments. Once she was eliminated in week 8, the house hasn’t been the same.

To remedy this… how about Helen Kim gifs?! There are plenty to pick from… including her infamous “wiggle.” Let’s see…

Helen: “I love this game!” Even if the game didn’t love her back.
Credit: bigbrothergif.tumblr

Time to be frustrated! For the 60th time that hour. (No, your math isn’t wrong.)
Credit: bigbrothergif.tumblr

This look says,¬†“I plan to murder you later.” Lord knows she seemed capable of it during game-play.
Credit: bigbrothergif.tumblr

… Yup. Maybe she thinks if she goes fast enough she’ll¬†become invisible? Keep trying, Helen… thatta girl.
Credit: bigbrothergif.tumblr

Helen and Elissa make teamwork happen, while secretly planning to probably backstab someone. It’s a devious high-five.
Credit: http://otev.tumblr.com/

This is the head bob of someone who doesn’t care and isn’t listening. You probably know it well.
Credit: bigbrothergif.tumblr

Helen does a stripper wiggle, looking totally …idiotic. Never let this girl get on a pole.
Credit: http://obsessedwithbb.tumblr.com/

Helen? Shut up! There’s spazzing, and then there’s SPAZZING. We fear for your health, Helen!
Credit: bigbrothergif.tumblr

We highly recommend going to http://bigbrothergif.tumblr.com for plenty more Big Brother gifs.

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