Is dealing with the designers on Project Runway anything like dealing with the kids on Seriously Funny Kids? Apparently not.  In a recent conference call to talk about Seriously Funny Kids on Lifetime, Heidi Klum talked a little about Project Runway designers. Who do you think comes out in a better light?

heidi klum seriously funny kids

“Our designers can be quite calculated. When they’re standing in front of me, sometimes they say things to me that are not always the way they happened. We don’t always know what happens in the work room because I give the designers the challenge and they go off for a day or a couple days. And then I see them again on the runway. What happens in the workroom, I don’t always know, and none of the other judges know.” But what about when she finds out?

“…Not until later, when we cut the show and I’m like ‘I can’t believe this’ you know? Because this person was totally lying, and this person was totally rude to this person, and I thought that they were nice. And then they weren’t. So, sometimes you get shocked about what really went on. They’re quite calculative sometimes. Kids are not really calculated. They are honest. There’s no editing. It’s in the head and two seconds later it’s out of the mouth. The designers think about what they say and how they want us to think how they are.” – Heidi Klum

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