Heidi Klum in Emilio Sosa. Photo Credit: heidiklumonline.com

Heidi Klum in Emilio Sosa. Photo Credit: heidiklumonline.com

My least favorite designer from Project Runway, Emilio Sosa, won a challenge where his dress was picked to be worn by Heidi Klum on the red carpet. It seems she DID wear this out on the red carpet to the premiere of The Back-Up Plan (nothing better on the DVR at home to watch, Heidi?).

The dress was drastically shortened, and paired with purple pleated heels. How do you think it looks?

I, well – actually have some pretty strong opinions…

Okay, here we go. I feel like this Emilio Sosa dress should not have been altered so much, because the dress design is now so different. Heidi Klum looks plumper in this dress than she’s looked recently (even though she’s less pregnant here), and I think it’s because of the dress. While Klum would be the first to point out that no woman wants to look larger than she is, maybe it’s not an entirely bad thing if we can get people on the red carpet that (even if they aren’t) seem a little curvier than they are. The dress is okay, although I’m not sold on the fabric or the shoe choice. …Heck, I never really loved the design that much, but somehow when it’s shortened it looks even less appealing to my eyes.

Do you think Heidi would still have won this dress if she hadn’t already said she would in front of all the Project Runway fans? Klum gets her pick of all sorts of designer dresses for events… (The dress Jessica Alba picked to wear from that challenge was much prettier!)

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