You may be reluctant to get on board with another show right now, but wait until you hear who is on board with Luck on HBO.

“Leave nothing to chance” instructs the new Luck poster for the HBO series that will show the behind the scenes world of horse racing and gambling. From the trainers to the jockeys and the gamblers, everything is covered. The director of Luck is Michael Mann and David Milch (Deadwood) is also invovled. Oscar winner Dustin Hoffman and Oscar nominee Nick Nolte have taken the acting reigns (yes, this is a pun!) for this project. Starting to see why this is going to be so cool?

Hoffman and Nolte wouldn’t attach their names to just anything. For that matter, neither would Mann or Milch! There’s a hell of a lot of talent going on with this. Don’t miss it. The Luck premiere date is January 29 on HBO.