With an invigorated and powerful voice, Haley Reinhart gave is “Rolling in the Deep” (originally sung by Adelle) on American Idol 2011 tonight. While James Durbin needed half a marching band for huge impact, Haley only needed her voice to wow fans.

What did the judges think?

Steven Tyler –  “I thought it was a great performance…a little slow at the start…”

Jennifer Lopez –  She said that it takes a lot of guts to take on such a popular song that everyone knows.

Randy Jackson –  He thought Hayley went in the right direction for a song choice. “There were a couple times when you hit the falsetto and it went a little sharp,” he noted.

Those comments were not incredibly supportive at all, and that disappoints me. I thought this was vocally the best performance out of the three that had gone on so far. I feel the judges are almost leading people not to want to vote for her.

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