The Vampire Diaries

The CW has greenlit three new pilots. Which do you think will thrive? One is being produced by Tom Welling of Smallville, and another by Hayden Panettiere of Heroes. The third pilot is being produced by Paul Stupin, who was executive producer on Dawson’s Creek (Kevin Williamson connection!). If Supernatural does end this  season, it would be great to see Betwixt following The Vampire Diaries.

“Betwixt” (CBS TV Studio/WBTV)

Writer/EP: Elizabeth Chandler
EP: Paul Stupin
Logline: Based on novel of the same name, “changelings” in an urban setting are responsible for saving humans from evil.

“HMS” (WBTV/CBS TV Studio)

Writer/EP: Amy Holden Jones
Co-EP: Hayden Panettiere
Logline: Aspirational, sexy freshmen class at Harvard Medical School embark upon the biggest challenge of their lives, seen through the eyes of a young woman who is both excited and intimidated by her surroundings.

“Hellcats” (WBTV/CBS TV Studio)

Writer/EP: Kevin Murphy
EP: Tom Welling
Logline: Ensemble show set in world of competitive college cheerleading. “Election” meets “Bring It On.”