save the whales againSaving cheerleaders is so four years ago. Hayden Panettiere of Heroes is out to save the whales – again! Panettiere tried to get a meeting with the Taiji mayor and representatives of the fisheries union on Friday (March 26th) but she was met by officials who literally would not let her enter the Taiji town hall. She’s in Japan with other like-minded people (including her boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko) who want Japan to stop hunting dolphins in their annual massacre of the poor creatures. In this massacre  as many as 25,000 dolphins are killed by being trapped in a cove for sometimes up to five days with no food before speared. The water turns blood red. All in the name of tradition.

Panettiere, who is so invested that she risked arrest in Japan, told the Associated Press, “We are trying to peacefully come up with better ideas as to how to generate income and utilize the nature here. We’ve been to Taiji before and it’s a beautiful place with beautiful wildlife. We just wanted to have a very peaceful and relaxed conversation (with officials).”

The Save the Whales – Again! campaign has support from not only Panettiere but also Eva Longoria, Pierce Brosnan, and Isabel Lucas.


From View more amazing images of this symbolic event by clicking this picture. What they've done is beautiful.

How You Can Take Action

1. Sign Hayden’s petition to stop commercial whaling and the brutal dolphin and porpoise hunts.

2. Support the campaign by making a donation.

3. Raise money for the campaign by donating your pixels.

4. Buy the feature documentary “The Cove,” and take action to end the dolphin slaughter in Taiji.

5. Learn more about The Cove campaign.

6. Go green with Hayden and read “Girls Gone Green.”