Hawk and Dove: Beautiful music, I hope you check them out.

Hawk and Dove makes magnificent music that dazzles with soft delight. I hope you check them out.

I am not THAT into music, which I guess is weird since so many people say they can’t live without it. Anyway, one band that’s caught my eye/ears is Hawk and Dove. I could see their music working for several different TV shows – like The Vampire Diaries or Life Unexpected.

I especially love the song “Boy on the Moon” and “Muscle Breaks”. You can listen to their introspective music on their MySpace or Official website (where you can download their EP for free).It’s the kind of stuff that makes you pause and really listen to the lyrics. The first association that comes to my mind is Damien Rice.

The psychedelic country sound of Hawk and Dove speaks of Abel writing lullabies for Cain, a marriage of fury and beauty where Elijah Miller’s complex lyrics may sink into an unquiet sea of sound.

Watch Hawk and Dove performing “Song for Leonard Cohen”below the jump. I think it’s best listened to at night, when you’re a little unsure about life.

The romantic song “Gunpowder Heart”