dax shepard parenthood

Parenthood is a new show that will be airing on NBC. Ron Howard & Brian Grazer are the executive producers. So, that’s some big names there. And there’s even more!  Lauren Graham (I have sooooo, o much love for her)  is the latest addition to the amazing cast of the show which includes Dax Shepard (what-up home diggity dawg…er…yea, hi!) Craig T Nelson, Monica Potter (adore her) and Erika Christensen (Swimfan!). The premiere for Parenthood scheduled to air after the Olympics in March. Check out the Parenthood website.

New Parenthood promo: Parenthood is… why some animals eat their young.

New Parenthood promo 2: Parenthood is… a ticking clock. Parenthood, coming to NBC this March.