I’m not going say that Zoe Hart should have slept with the first cute guy that offered after Wade broke her heart last week on Hart of Dixie. But this guy is a doctor. So  while it wouldn’t have been the best life choice, would we really have blamed her?


No. I mean look at how Jonah Breeland rocks that sweater. Oh well… let’s talk about how Zoe did handle the Wade break up inside…

Before we get to the Wade/Zoe fun, just a quick check in with Lemon. Shelby was going to move in with Brick so Lemon and Magnolia (and a coerced via guilt George) did their best to keep that from happening. But in the end, Lemon’s plan, like so many of them, backfired. Brick and Shelby are going to live together and while I didn’t entirely care about the story, I’m curious if this will lead to an outlandish wedding. I hope so.

But back to Zoe – she didn’t handle the breakup all that well. And she wasn’t alone. The entire town took it very hard. They went into full baking pie mode. (A la mode? No. Dumb joke. Let’s move on.) Some of the ladies even made voodoo dolls and offered up what may or may not have been a mob hit on Wade. Lavon and Wade could barely be in a room together. Even George Tucker’s current love (and former Zoe hater), Tancy was there for Dr. Hart hoping to help her find her way back from Lilly Anne levels of Wade Hatred.

But despite all the pie and dark magic and blonde friendship, hatred (along with petty and vindictive) found it’s way burrowing into Zoe’s heart. (That titular pun gets a bit aggressive considering how often this show deals with her unfortunate love life, doesn’t it?) Zoe burned Wade’s things and danced about her room to Lilly Anne’s music and almost caused adorable Rose and her equally adorable boyfriend to break up because she could only see cheating black clouds over everyone when they weren’t really there. I have to say, it would have been easy to make Zoe somewhat insufferable during this, even if we did sympathize with her. However Rachel Bilson is just so effortlessly charming and adorable, especially while dancing angrily upon her bed, that I kind of forgave her everything.

hart of dixie fashion

In the end, it was actually Lemon who helped Zoe see the light and just realize she needs to push past all of this hatred and eventually she would be able to move on. I thought their moment was kind of perfect because it mirrored Lemon finding comfort from Zoe after her breakup with George. As they realized during their conversation, they have quite a lot in common, and while they may not be friends (yet) they certainly found a way to recognize their common ground.

As for Wade – well, he just had his head down and tried to push past this dark time. Everyone he encountered told him how awful he was. Even Lavon got mean after Wade lost the lock box with the donations to the church’s fundraiser.  He said to a sad puppy dog eyed Wade, “When are you going to stop trying to prove that the only thing your good at is disappointing people? You can stop now. We believe you.” OUCH.

If it makes sense, I kind of feel like Wade’s reaction to breaking up with Zoe and the town’s incessant attacking of him is more in character than the the things that caused the actual break up. He has always (even when with Zoe) questioned his worth. And now that he’s done something to screw it up he’s basically resigned to the fact that people are rightfully mad at him for it, even if it bothers him. It seems to bother him more because he thinks they are right and not because he doesn’t think he deserves the vitriol coming at him.

Wade’s speech to Lavon broke my heart. It’s good to see that he is aware of what he lost, how he lost it, and that it isn’t just Zoe that he may have lost. Lavon is the best Best Friend anyone can have, and possibly losing that is just as frightening for Wade as losing Zoe. I’m glad that Lavon said they’d get through it, because, despite all of this, I still love Wade. Actually because of this episode I still love Wade. It gives me hope that the writers still see the Wade we all see.

As for the last moment – Zoe telling Wade that she doesn’t, in fact, hate him – I so very much want to read a lot into that. Not just about the characters, but again, about the writers. I want to see that as a glimmer of hope that maybe they realize these two are just so much more interesting as a pair than George and Zoe. Not that I have any illusions about it – George and Zoe will be a thing at some point before this show is through. But Wade doesn’t always have to play second fiddle, right?

But in the meantime, seriously girl, have a little fun with the hot doctor. Because why not. I’m going to end on that note and not bring up the returning face we saw in the previews for the next new episode. Because… no.

Alright guys, no new Hart of Dixie until APRIL 9!! I know. It’s awful. I’ll miss you. But hit the comments on what you want to see out of the last block of episodes and tell me what you think of the aftermath of the break up!

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