This week’s Hart of Dixie featured a guy coming back from the dead(-ish) and a few characters coming back from oblivion. It’s a small town – where have they all been hiding? Also Wade (Wilson Bethel) has his shirt off for a good portion of the episode, so I was easily distracted.

Broken Breelands
I barely remember a mention of Lemon’s (Jaime King) sister Magnolia in the first couple episodes. And by barely, I completely forgot she existed until she came back in full force today. She was and apparently still is, a romantic rival for Mrs. H’s niece (though I remembered her as her daughter) Rose. My non-point here is, this show has a lot of characters that have been left in the dust for over a month and I forgot who they were! Makes continuity shaky. But again, that is my non-point. My real point is, Magnolia is a very angry teenager. She is dressing in something Lemon doesn’t approve of (though I didn’t have a problem with it). She is going out to parties and drinking so much she gets alcohol poisoning. It’s bad. Though it was nice to see Rose again. She’s adorable.

What’s the reason for Magnolia’s anger? Well, ever since Mama Breeland left Brick alone with those girls, Brick has relied on Lemon to raise Magnolia. It’s something Magnolia resents, especially since her surrogate mother is so busy trying to move out with George. If that happens, who will take care of her? She’s upset Lemon doesn’t see it that way. It takes that bout of alcohol poisoning (which Zoe takes care when Brick is out of town – the worst part, as far as Lemon is concerned) to wake up Lemon. And a stern lecture from George (which has been George’s best moment thus far) to wake up Brick. And soon the Breelands are on their way to being whole again. But George and Lemon’s house buying adventure is on hold.

Lavon & George: Awkward Bromance
Speaking of that house buying adventure – some old lady died and it turns out Lemon has always wanted her house and sends George off to buy it .But that house has been left to the town and is now a historical home. (Shades of Old Man Twykham’s house on Gilmore Girls. Yes, you can expect some sort of comparison every week. You’re welcome.) George heads to Lavon’s to try to work his friendship with the mayor to get Lemon what she wants. Thing is, Lavon knows Lemon has always wanted that house and since he is still heartbroken, he isn’t inclined to give it up easily.

Cue bromance issues. George gets annoyed that suddenly Lavon is playing the mayor card – wanting George to jump through hoops to get the house. So George threatens to sue. Lavon is both annoyed about Lemon and annoyed George thinks he can just jump ahead of all the other people that want something from him. But, the bromance continues in the end. Lemon, worried about Magnolia, doesn’t want the house now. Lavon apologizes for being all snippy. They practically kiss and make-up at the Rammer Jammer. And toast to letting go of the past. But my question is: Lavon has already tried that and practically proposed to a girl on the first date after Lemon tried to sabotage it. Is he really going to let go this time?

Seeing Dead Guys & Other Ways to Get Shirtless Wade to Sleepover
With Brick out of town at the Florida/Alabama game (priorities), Zoe (Rachel Bilson) is in charge of the practice once again. You know, considering he keeps worrying about her actually getting clients, he sure leaves town a lot letting her take all of them. Zoe’s main worry while Brick is gone- delivering a woman’s baby. She has to go in the middle of the night to deliver the baby and on the way home she hits a man with Lavon’s car, who then disappears. When she goes to the Rammer Jammer all worried and then points out his picture to George and the waitress, they have some unsettling new – that dude is dead.

Leon Mercer went missing in the gulf over a year ago and was declared dead. But that doesn’t stop him from showing up in Zoe’s window in the middle of the night. She freaks out and gets an already annoyed Wade to sleep over (she had just blew the fuse again on purpose so he’d stop playing music so loud). Wade goes to get in bed but she puts him on the couch. Because she is on crack.

Next morning Zoe has another scare – her mother in her house. She’s been avoiding talking to Mom after the entire “she lied about Zoe’s father” debacle. Wade pretends to be Zoe’s boyfriend in front of Mom to annoy Zoe and I giggle in delight. Zoe isn’t ready to deal with mom yet though, she’s dealing with the maybe-dead guy. Zoe goes off into the woods to look for Leon, with Wade following her so she doesn’t die. (Seriously girl… why are you not with him again? No I won’t let it go!) And who finds them in the woods? Leon!

He’s not dead, just pretending because apparently he was a real bad guy and he thought his family would be better off. Zoe lectures him about telling his family the truth. Leon says he was just trying to protect them. Lesson learned for both. Leon goes home to his family and Zoe realizes mom was just trying to do what was best so she forgives her. Awww. Wade congratulates Zoe for being a big girl by giving her a shot of Bourbon and a slap on the butt. Which was adorable!

The episode was sweet, had lots of Wade and Zoe, and didn’t make Lemon seem completely awful. Overall a win. My only hope is that now we will be more consistent with some of the characters. I don’t want Magnolia to disappear from Lemon’s life for another 4 episodes. Or Rose to go in to hiding and not hang out with her apparent BFF Zoe for awhile. They are useful characters, especially Rose, so I want more. Also more Wade being awesome while shirtless.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae