Hart of Dixie has an ace up its sle – oh look, Wade’s not wearing a shirt!

hart of dixie

Lemon and Magnolia vs Zoe and Rose

I’ve already talked to our Hart of Dixie recap writer, Melissa Miller, about how it’s totally weird that the Breeland’s would name one daughter after a fruit and then the other after a flower. I mean, stick with a theme. (Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner didn’t do this, either.)

But it’s worked out well that Magnolia and Rose are rivals, and are both named after flowers. (Technically a magnolia is a flower from a tree, I guess. Same thing.) And, in fact, Magnolia and Rose seem like the perfect reflect of Lemon and Zoe. Both pairs even have a rivalry over the same guy. (Of course, I find it hard to believe Zoe likes George as more than a friend, her chemistry with Wade is so intense!)

Rose and Zoe represent the outsiders, while Magnolia and Lemon are the traditional “normal” and “good” girls for Bluebell. And it’s no guess as to which pair I’d root for more.

Zoe and Wade

Wade (Wilson Bethel) is basically courting Zoe! Well, maybe it’s not quite like that. But he flirts with her a lot, and she pretends she isn’t flirting back. I love it. Do you love it?

The Show’s Saving Grace

There are some long, boring, and predictable storylines in this show. What elevates it the humor written in the character of Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson.) And yea, Bilson plays it perfectly.  It almost makes up for how bad Jaime King’s Southern accent is. I’d love to see the guy who plays the very French Louis on Gossip Girl do a scene with Jaime King as Lemon, the accents would have to battle each other. French + South is how they got Cajun, right?

Dream House

Call me a sucker for architecture and “pretty things” but I really want to see this house that Lemon and George wanted to buy!

React: Do you like Lemon or Magnolia more? Are you surprised to see Rose is back after the actress we thought was her Mom, left town? And do you love Zoe and Wade or Zoe and George?