Happy Planksgiving everyone! What? Never heard of it? That’s because it’s another one of Bluebell’s ridiculous/adorable traditions. Just like Stars Hollow this town has something going in the town square just about once a week. (With time off for the winter and summer hiatus, of course!)

Hart of Dixie “The Pirate and the Peactice” Recap

Searching for Planksgiving Treasure
So Planksgiving…. It’s a newer tradition in Bluebell. After Katrina, the town was in really bad shape, but some friendly pirates came in and shared their fish, buried some treasure, and the town had a fish fry and now celebrates Thanksgiving as Planksgiving in honor of them every year. Of course. What really happened – the town was in such bad shape, people were actually thinking of leaving and the town would have just disappeared essentially, so a few guys went fishing overnight, and brought it all to the town square. The holiday is symbolic of the hope and neighborly love in the town. Say it with me now: Awwww. Also made me think about how Taylor Doosey would have ruined it all with permits.

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Zoe, naturally, finds all of this incredibly silly. Until she gets one patient (the final patient she needs to get her 30% for the quarter to keep the practice) – a little boy who is showing some weird symptoms. Brick tries to treat him but eventually Zoe figures it out – he has the Bends from scuba diving looking for the buried treasure in the legend of Planskgiving. His family’s business is going under and they are leaving Bluebell. He just wanted to save them.

Brick and George save the day and get a few major contracts for the dad’s Hardware store. Zoe learns (again) that it isn’t just about the medical part of taking care of the patient. In Bluebell the doctor is more than the doctor. Maybe this time the lesson will stick… somehow I doubt it. But for now, everyone is having a Happy Planksgiving and Zoe is starting a brand new quarter trying to keep her patients and get new ones.

The day I fell in love with Lemon Breeland (Mark your calendars)
Get this – not only did I love Lemon in this episode, I even kinda liked Brick thanks to all that “this town is about love and giving” crap he spouted to Zoe. It’s a Planksgiving miracle! But back to Lemon. She is all in a tizzy because George’s horrid parents are coming into town again and ruining her Planksgiving. Get this… they want to celebrate Thanksgiving!! The horror!! And not just that – they want George to come take over the now empty spot at Dad’s law firm since George’s brother went off to bigger and better things.

At first, Lemon and George both agree that, no, that’s not happening. It involves living in Mobile for 3 days a week. All that hypothetical time with the in-laws starts to makes Lemon’s eye twitch a bit. But then Dad talks to George about how he just needs someone like him at the firm as George is such a good man. And Mom talks to Lemon about how she knows Lemon is needing a Mama, and she wants to fill that role. So they both cave and agree to go.

Then Lemon overhears Mom talking to Dad about how easily Lemon fell for their trap. She was awful, I literally cringed. What a horrid woman. How did they raise such a nice boy?! Well, as we learned last week, Lemon is quite the schemer, so she doesn’t just sit and take this. But she doesn’t confront them either. She just lays on the “You’re my new Mama” act so thick that George’s mom is literally choking on it. Right to the point where Mom breaks in front of George and yells at Lemon. And this was just after Dad was telling George he was dumb for helping the family in need! Wow! Again, Wow! Awful awful people! But Lemon… well she is quite the manipulator, and I downright loved her for it this week.

Needless to say, George and Lemon are staying right where they belong in Bluebell. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t end there. Dad didn’t just want George for his mad law skills. He wanted him for his connection to Bluebell. There is a big corporation that wants to build just outside of town, and he wanted George to help convince Bluebell to let it happen. Looks like we have another major storyline heading up the pike.

Fuse Boxes and Airports
You didn’t think I’d go an entire recap without some Team Wade action did you? Of course not. So, Zoe’s planning on heading up to good ol’ NYC for normal, non-pirate themed Thanksgiving with her Mom. Naturally, she has asked her BFF Lavon to give her a ride to the airport. But when Wade finds out Zoe is going to be out of town for Planksgiving he gets a sad face. And when Lavon said he is going to replace the fuse box that so often brings Wade and Zoe together, well Wade gets down right upset. He says he won’t help Lavon with it because he’s not good at electric stuff. Yeah… right.

Lavon tricks Wade (really easily, I must say) into proving that he is good with electric wiring. It also proves something else to Lavon – Wade is in looooove with Zoe. He just thinks she is so pretty and wants to marry her and have lots of babies with her. Lavon didn’t say this, I did. But we were both thinking it. Lavon tells Wade to take Zoe to the airport and tell her how he feels. If she feels the same, then it’s a romantic airport goodbye (everyone loves those!). If she doesn’t, then they have a few days to forget about it and no one will speak of it again.

So Wade goes to take Zoe to the airport and is all bumbling about it. It’s just too freaking cute. He says he has a friend there he goes to see – a bag guy – so he’s taking her instead of Lavon. Zoe, not always the brightest bulb somehow, actually buys that story. But Brick, George and the Planksgiving Miracle keep Zoe in town so Wade never gets his chance. Stupid Brick! Saddest of all – Wade still goes to the airport to keep his cover story. Poor poor Wade. Just tell her, you big dummy!

I really enjoyed this episode. I didn’t have to worry about George/Lemon/Lavon (yes, I worry about it). There was fun with Wade being all pouty and a big fat liar. Lavon was totally in BFF mode for both Wade and Zoe. Brick and Lemon were both decent humans. And it set up future stories. Also Zoe said “Ahoy” like a Jew. I LOVED THAT!!

Now if only Zoe and Lemon would get over it and be friends…. yes I need this to happen.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae