Finally, the newest Hart of Dixie poster text makes sense. Up until now, Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) didn’t seem to acknowledge that she had feelings for George Tucker. But after “The Crush & The Crossbow” she’s very, very aware. And it’s all kind of sad and tragic…actually. Sigh, tears, the inhumanity, woe, etc.  (But only if you’re invested in that relationship. Since I’m not, I’m kind of exaggerating how sad I think it is.)

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Hart of Dixie “The Crush and the Crossbow” Review

When it comes to romance on Hart of Dixie, I, like many of you, am firmly on Team Zoe/Wade. They have sparks! Wade isn’t boring. It’s fun. Others may prefer Zoe with George, and the premise of the latest poster for the show plays on the idea that Lemon wants to be with Lavon and Zoe wants to be with George. If only it was so easy to put everyone in the place they wanted.

Zoe thought about romance in this episode, although it wasn’t a Valentine’s day themed episode (despite the title.) She thought there were no good candidates, but then a vet from Mobile turned up looking all kinds of promising. But Zoe got scared and ended up later going on an accidental date with the engaged George. Her eyes have finally open up to see that her crush on him is real, just as Wade as realized his crush on Zoe is real. But, of course, Zoe is only pursuing the vet. (And I’m sure he’s got some major weird personality flaw that’ll take him out of the running pretty fast.)

While George was getting flirty with Zoe, Lemon was, once again, getting flirty with Lavon. What’s nice about this LL couple is that Lavon brings out the best in Lemon. He makes her a bit more … personable. She even had fun at that turtle derby. (Although, I think I’d have fun at any turtle derby, it just sounds so fun. And hey, I just realized why they were all wearing hats – because it was a riff on the Kentucky Derby!)

With events like turtle races, famous sweet tea, and groups of gossipy characters, Bluebell reminds me a little bit of Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls. But I still prefer Stars Hollow. Bluebell hasn’t won me over. And I really wish that it would. The scenery in the town, at least, is pretty terrific on its own. Lavon’s compound and house is swanky and cool. There’s also Brick and Zoe’s practice which looks like an old house, and the Breelands large white manor house. And who can deny the charm of the Rammer Jammer?

While Hart of Dixie still is not one of my favorite TV shows, I enjoy the Monday night journey down into the charming South. Now, if only Rachel Bilson would fix her hair. (It used to be thick and all one gorgeous, dark color – now it’s always straightened to irredeemable straggliness, and has the ombre effect that makes her look like she has unfortunate orange tips. Katie Holmes rocked this same look in the final years of Dawson’s Creek, and it did nothing for her, either. Girls, put down the hair straighteners!)

Misc Notes:

  • Lavon mentioned grape lemonade. I wonder if that’s good? I’ve had Freckled Lemonade with strawberries, and raspberries, but no grape.
  • That little piglet! Why are pigs either so cute (when little) or totally disgusting (big, smell, messy)?
  • I love that George is afraid of turtles. Sorry, those “unpredictable racing turtles” – who bite! The nerve of them.
  • At some point I’m pretty sure Zoe said “bananaballs.”

Grade: C

Rewatch: Eh. Not for me. Only if you’re a big fan of Zoe/George.

React: What would you grade this Hart of Dixie episode?

Hart of Dixie airs on The CW and stars Rachel Bilson. Stay tuned to Small Screen Scoop for our upcoming Hart of Dixie recap by Melissa Miller.

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