I’m so happy that I can call this week’s episode of Hart of Dixie, “The Big Day,” a season not series finale. Because I’m kind of in love with those quirky citizens of Bluebell and I can’t wait for more of them in the fall.

But before we look ahead, let’s look back at last night’s shenanigans. The episode revolved around Lemon and George’s wedding and a storm hitting Bluebell. These two events led to a lot of exploration of 4 different couple dynamics. There was Lemon & Annabeth, George & Lavon, Lemon & George and, of course, Zoe & Wade.

As Lemon prepared for her big day, Magnolia, Lemon’s  friends and her pretty darn awful future mother-in-law helped her get through all the little traumas. An unfortunately timed zit on Lemon’s otherwise perfect complexion. An accidental spill of mimosa on Lemon’s Monique Lhuillier wedding gown (eeek!). There were also the not so little traumas, like the fact that Lemon’s perfectly planned wedding under the stars was suddenly a not so perfect wedding under a hurricane. Given that Lemon would probably have a panic attack if she spotted one gnat at an impromptu picnic in the town square, you can imagine that she didn’t take this very well.

Also not helping Lemon’s sense of calm was Annabeth going on and on about how excited she was to be single again. The two BFFs tried to have a heart to heart, but ended up talking at each other instead of to each other. Annabeth tried to explain to Lemon that a perfect wedding won’t equal a perfect marriage, so don’t worry about the wedding, but all Lemon heard was Annabeth stomping on the idea of marriage and that Lemon shouldn’t bother. Of course, all was forgiven as Annabeth admits that she just wants everyone to not pity her for getting divorced and that the two will support each other whatever their marital status. It’s nice to see Lemon be a good friend.

An even better Lemon moment was the one between her and Brick as they acknowledged the absence of her mother. Not only is it Mom’s loss, but ultimately their gain, because they were better off without her. Besides, Brick seemed to be making eyes at a cousin of George’s dad. Go Brick! Speaking of possible season 2 pairings – don’t think I didn’t notice the hints that maybe Annabeth would be interested in Lavon! I approve!

Meanwhile, Lavon and George worked their issues out. Lavon realized a big storm was coming the way all small town folk do – someone’s knee was tingling and a rooster laid down in the barn. Duh. I know that’s how I tell the weather. But George just assumed Lavon was trying to put a stop to the wedding. Oh George, don’t be such a boob. Really, George was just having a meltdown because he found out Zoe wasn’t leaving after all so now he needed to marry Lemon. Lavon was THE BEST though, because even when George was a total ass, Lavon still did all he could to save the wedding. He could have let it all get ruined out of spite, but he didn’t. To be fair- he selfishly needed this wedding to happen so he could get over Lemon. But still. George was kind of a d-bag.

But it didn’t matter because a series of disasters kept happening, no matter how hard the two worked together to make the wedding happen. In the end, Lavon was just the friend George needed to realize he was only in a rush to marry Lemon today because he wanted to force himself into being faithful. I’m glad these two made up, at least a little. Lavon needs friends. George then had to break the news to Lemon….

Now we all know I go back and forth on the madness that is Lemon Breeland. She can be charming, infuriating, horrible and, on occasion, really sweet. This moment, right when George told her, after allllll the craziness of the day, that he wasn’t going to marry her because of his feelings for Zoe, well, I kind of loved her. Why? Because she gave him exactly what he deserved – a right hook to the face. What a dick. George Tucker may be the Golden Boy of Bluebell but in this episode he was a selfish man toying with everyone’s feelings.

Which brings us to the only thing that matters in this episode – Wade and Zoe. These two were still on the outs after Zoe cost Wade the race money. I just want to yell at the screen “Kiss and make up already, you crazy kids. No seriously! Make out!!” But I didn’t because my kids were asleep and no one wants to wake those monsters. Zoe heads to Mobile to avoid the whole wedding thing, but when the storm hits she needs to head back towards town to get Wade, whose car, despite all of those days of working on it in his wifebeater under the blazing hot sun, has broken down. The storm hits and the two get stuck in a barn with some goats.

For real – I thought I was watching a romance novel movie at this point. Two, soaking wet, hot people, staring at each other. The girl in a sheer white top, the guy in a white tank top that is all clingy. I mean…. wow. There is even a “I have to take this tank top off so we can save a baby goat from barbed wire in the pouring rain” scene. Woah. Let’s all take a minute and fan ourselves. Clutch your pearls and lean back on your chaise lounge chair. I may have rewound a couple times. Thank goodness for a DVR.

But it wasn’t all just gratuitous shots of Wade. Although, let’s face it, it was a highlight. These two also got to the root of their issues – there is a spark between them that has never really been explored. Wade likes to fool himself into believing if they had just slept together that first night it would have been no big deal. But when he says there is something between them, you know that he knows it is more than that. And, finally, I think Zoe starts to see it too. They almost kiss, but the cop comes to their rescue. Damn him. He takes them home to their separate apartments and they are both left to think about what may have been. And about the flirty flirty dirty talk/looks they had in the back of the police car.

Thankfully, Zoe (not Wade, which I think is important to consider) sent a signal that it was on -she shorted out the electricity. Again. He comes over, looking hot in his suit for the wedding, but that didn’t matter because she takes that right off him and they finally, finally have sex. Whew. And apparently it went well, because they both seemed eager to do it again right away. Until Zoe gets a knock at the door (don’t answer!!) so she gets up (nooo) and opens the door expecting to see Lavon (not him!!!) and instead sees a soaking wet George with his bedroom eyes. He tells her that he left Lemon for her and then kisses her and says he will call her tomorrow.

Zoe is, understandably, stunned, and then heads back to her bedroom, where WADE is lying in her bed naked, and she smiles at him and then gets her “well, crap, I’m confused” face. So there it is…. Sigh.

What do you think will happen next season? What do you want to happen next season. Let’s face it – it’s not just going to be “And Zoe and Wade live happily ever after…” I want her to pick Wade because she realizes he is the choice for her. And maybe George needs some time alone. Whatever happens – I’m just going to bask in the glory of that episode all summer long and count the days until season 2 is here!

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae