This year’s Halloween episode of Hart of Dixie, “Walkin’ After Midnight” only had two storylines, and as much as I’ve grown a bit tired of the love triangle bit, the focus was nice and tight, and real progress was made in what could have been a throwaway holiday-themed hour.

Also: LOOK! Wade is wearing a tux! 

Halloween brings a lot of love drama in Bluebell. Zoe (Rachel Bilson) and Wade (Wilson Bethel) have some glitches in the form of a sleepwalking Zoe-girlfriend claiming, George (Scott Porter) and maybe the new Rammer Jammer employee and tough girl, Presley (Kelen Coleman – Newsroom‘s Lisa).

Meanwhile Lemon (Jamie King) has some romance woes as she watches Lavon (Cress Williams) and Annabeth (Kaitlyn Black) pretend to be a couple for political purposes. What political purposes? Well, Tom registered a big ol’ family of Auburn alum to vote and we all know they couldn’t possibly vote for someone who played for University of Alabama, am I right? Auburn royalty, Annabeth, was happy to help save the day!

Before we get to Zade (is that the mash-up name people have agreed on for them?), let’s stick with the political espionage. While Lemon was very jealous when she said it, her telling Lavon that lying like this was sinking to Ruby’s (Golden Brooks) level, wasn’t wrong. Although, she may have been pushed to say something when she realized Annabeth was hoping to Patrick-Dempsey-movie this fake relationship into a real one. Lavon, being the good man he is, realized she was right and came clean. Of course, then the 22 votes of the Auburn-loving clan were gone, all but solidifying Ruby would win this race. Boooo.

That said, I loved the following scene where Lavon thanks Lemon and says he doesn’t know what he would do without her. Major Lemon & Lavon feels, y’all!! Also giving me feels – Ruby when she apologized to Lavon for telling the paper about the shoplifiting. But those feels were more like “No! No! Alert! Alert!”

The next morning we learn that Annabeth isn’t giving up her sights on that handsome mayor because there are 6 whole days left before the election. Also not giving up, Lemon! Who wants these two to end up together?

I loved seeing Zoe and Wade so adorable and comfortable with each other at the start of the episode. I think my favorite moments were the ones where Wade watched her and looked at her with a smirk on his face – like when she walked into a fake spiderweb because she was distracted. They are just too cute. So I was getting really upset when stupid, stupid Zoe discovered that George was sleepwalking and decided to ditch Wade, not go to the costume party and watch George sleep! Aren’t insane conflicts of interest like this the reason Brick Breeland exists?!

When Zoe loses him because she fell asleep, exhausted from all the sex with Wade (woot), she finds him dressed as a fireman at the Rammer Jammer, she forces Wade to help her with George — who refers to Zoe as his girlfriend in his sleepwalking state. Oh man. Seriously, Zoe? I mean, Wade even turned away a slutty nurse for you! And then he goes to find Zoe to make sure she knows their new “rules” and finds her almost kissing George? I would have pushed her in the water, not George, if I was Wade!

That being said – Zoe won back some points when George admitted he was still hung up on her. He questioned why they weren’t together. Her, eventual, response: she doesn’t want to be her rebound and she doesn’t want him to just go through the  motions of dating. She wants him to be with someone he has feelings for… because she is. George asks who it is proving that while he is a lawyer and a relatively smart guy, he’s a complete moron. I mean really – even Ruby, what has known Zoe for all of 5 minutes knows that when it comes to Big Z there are two options: George and Wade.

George, the next morning, takes a step in the right direction of figuring out his love life by getting rid of several of his lady friends. But maybe he found a new one… in Presley who likes to give George a hard time about his harem. So, naturally, he promptly asks her out. I like it. Let’s give George a new love.

Zoe, meanwhile, let Wade know that she told George she was involved with someone and she apologized. Being Wade, that was good enough for him and he took her promptly to bed. I bet there was no sleeping, of the regular or walking variety.

Like I said – this episode made me nervous. I don’t want to just go back and forth on the Wade/Zoe/George nonsense on a week to week basis. And I hope when Zoe finds out about George and Presley she doesn’t have a Lemon-level jealousy meltdown. Because she has Wade and he’s…. well he’s Wade. That seems pretty good to me.

What did you think about the episode? How about the costumes? One thing I particularly loved: The costumes weren’t all that spectacular. Wade was just in a tux, Lavon and Annabeth’s costumes were clearly from a rental shop. Lemon’s was an easily made or purchased dress. Unlike some other small town dramas on this network (both current and cancelled) these people didn’t seem to have access to costumes that look like they walked off a high budget movie. I appreciated that.

Now if only we could get rid of Ruby….

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Photo courtesy of The CW