Howdy Hart of Dixie fans! I’ve missed y’all. It’s been a long summer without all of you, and of course, the crazy crowd in Bluebell. The Season 2 premiere, “I Fall to Pieces,” aired on The CW tonight, kicking off their 2012 fall TV schedule.

hart of dixie season 2

And what a better way to start than watching the fallout from both the literal and proverbial storms that the town in last season’s finale. AKA, last night in the show’s world.

So let’s get right to it…. Just like with any love triangle, eventually the person at the top, in this case, the mess that is Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) needs to make a choice. And really, wasn’t there only one choice that would be the “right” choice? I think so… and she made it. She did the Zoe Hart version of the Kelly Taylor. But it’s like if Kelly told Brandon to date around and slept with Dylan in the meantime because, damn, the bad boys are hot.

I know, I know, both fandoms are going to have an issue with this. But isn’t it best for everyone?  George (Scott Porter), as was pointed out on multiple occasions, has been in one relationship for fifteen years. That’s basically the entire portion of his life where being in a relationship if even a possibility. To just jump back in to another one literally hours after leaving someone at the alter… That is just asking for him to resent Zoe one day. And Zoe doesn’t deserve to be his rebound.

Now Wade (Wilson Bethel), on the other hand doesn’t even consider himself in the ring. Being Wade, and seeing that George is a part of it, he just puts up those ridiculous walls of his and puts on a front. But that can’t be a surprise for any of us, is it? Of course, he still gets Zoe to sleep with him again to try to “up her grade.” Sigh… I don’t even care that he is messing with her – he’s hot. I just wish he could admit his feelings. Eventually he will… right? (Kelly wound up with Dylan in the end, so…)

As for the rest of this group, I think my favorite part of this whole episode, besides shirtless Wade, naturally, is Lemon (Jaime King). I know. Shocked the hell out of me too. Here she is, left to watch the town pick up the pieces of her wedding along with all the other storm debris, alone. No husband, no life, no purpose. It’s a pretty epic fall from grace for she who is named after a fruit. As Brick (Tim Matheson) and Magnolia (Claudia Lee) run around trying to fix this mess, Annabeth (Kaitlyn Black) tries to help Lemon move on. But as Lemon soon realizes, being 30 with no income and no work experience isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Which leads to that confrontation between Lemon and Zoe I was so excited to see from the previews. I’ve always said there is hope these two could be friends, and even though they aren’t there yet, there was a connection made between them. They are both lost, unsure where to go in life and, frankly, a little nuts. Their truce, of sorts, was a nice start to season 2. I don’t expect warm and cuddly from now on, but a bit more understanding would be good. And since Lemon is going to be working at the Rammer Jammer (Oh, let me count the ways that this story will be amazing…) they are sure to keep running into each other. Daily. Zoe likes that place. I wonder if the fries are good. Or maybe it’s the bartender.

But it’s not just all old faces. A new one (for us, not for Bluebell) hit the screens and immediately connected with Zoe giving her a much needed girlfriend. Or I should say, a girlfriend that isn’t either male (Lavon) or a teenager (we still love you, Rose). Ruby (Golden Brooks, whose name was perfect for a Bluebell citizen already!) comes back to town, after being gone since high school, to help her grandparents. But she also is there to make waves with ex-boyfriend Lavon (Cress Williams). It’s funny how there can be unfinished business even after all these years. I can tell Ruby is going to be trouble, and since Lemon doesn’t like her, I kind of think she may be fun to watch!

Overall, it was a charming start to Season 2. Hey, I’m just glad we are getting a season 2! But this set up a new path for all the characters. George on the prowl. Lemon in the workforce. Wade and Zoe, sexy time. Lavon in a not-so-cool state. Good times in Bluebell, y’all.

Oh, and the episode won the night for having a Die Hard reference. Not because I love Die Hard, which I do, of course. Who doesn’t?? But because the show has Reginald VelJohnson as a recurring character. Sgt. Al Powell for life!

What did you think? Are you Wade fans at least happy for all the Wade/Zoe in the preview for next week? How about you George fans? I’d love to hear what everyone thought!

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