It’s election day in Bluebell and living in the adorably quirky little bubble that they do, the townsfolk aren’t worried about Obama or Romney. All that matters is who will be mayor: Lavon Hayes or Ruby Jeffries.

Of course, with all the love drama, it’s amazing anyone remembered to vote. 

Before we get to the results of the election, let’s take a look at all that drama.

First of all, there is Brick (Tim Matheson) who was more surly than usual. He was blaming Zoe (Rachel Bilson) for a lack of pens in the office and Magnolia (Claudia Lee) is ready to put him in a nut house. And while Zoe does finally give him an exam to see if he’s doing okay medically, in exchange for giving Magnolia driving lessons, it turns out this was just a matter of the heart. Apparently Brick’s girlfriend, Emily, has been giving him the twenty-first century version of the cold shoulder – a few curt texts without any of the promised follow-up phone calls.

Zoe, being a heart doctor, had some advice for him (yes, I know the difference between metaphorical and literal ‘heart’…. just go with it.) – go to Charlotte and find out what is up because otherwise he’ll never know what went wrong. So he goes and it turns out Emily was just working a bunch of double shifts to build up time to go see him! Awwww, sweet, sweet AARP-aged love. Adorable. But what was actually really lovely about this story was that Zoe and Brick talked to each other like adults. Yes, they tease and bicker, but there is a respect there.Sure a respect based on their general disdain for the other person 90% of the time. But it’s a respect. Much improved from last year!

In other love drama – Wade (Wilson Bethel) and Zoe are perfect. That’s actually not drama, but their story was pretty minimal this week and I just wanted to point out that their talks are sweet, they are on the same wavelength and there was no drama. Just cuteness. Let’s all just soak in the wonderfulness of that for a moment, shall we?………. Ahhhh. Love it. TEAM WADE.

Not on Team Wade? His ex, Tancy (adorable Mircea Monroe) who is back in the fold. She was on this week because the race between Lavon (Cress Williams) and Ruby (Golden Brooks) was very tight so Lemon (Jamie King) sent Wade to go convince whoever was living in the mobile home on the outskirts of town to come vote. Turns out that was Tancy, and she wasn’t willing to do anything for Wade. But George came and helped out by letting cosmetology school grad, Tancy, cut his hair. Wade didn’t like the wait though so he just hitched her trailer onto the truck to bring it into town. Sigh, Wade. Temper temper.

Poor George (Scott Porter) ended up with an unfortunate hair cut thanks to Wade’s hotheadedness. I like to believe this was just in tribute to Stupid Hype, but probably not. Either way, Tancy is back in the fold, and I’m thinking she’ll be sticking around for awhile. Why? The answer is in my interview with Scott Porter. And I’m happy about this, because I want George to be happy too. (Oh, yeah, for those who liked Presley. Sorry. She voted for the wrong mayoral candidate, so Hasta La Vista, Presley.)

Somehow along the way, I’ve decided I really want Lemon to be happy too, but that’s not looking good right now. Lavon, in the midst of all the fighting with Ruby decided he is still in love with his high school ex. WTF. Sorry, I’m not one to really question this show, because it’s just a lovely little way to spend my Tuesdays. But REALLY? She’s been awful. Awful. I don’t like her at all. Now, I didn’t like Lemon at all when the show started so I’m not saying there’s no hope for liking her in the future. What I am saying is whatever their romance was back in the day must have been EPIC because nothing about the past few weeks has made me think it is totally normal that Lavon is back in love with her.

Making it even worse, Lemon is still in love with Lavon and was all ready to tell him that (with some help from Annabeth, who is just a glorious best friend, is she not?). But when the vote came down to a tie, and was going to be chosen by a Pickin’ Chicken (don’t ask… I was hoping for the other tie breaker involving fighting with pointy sticks), Lavon decided to tell Ruby how he felt, and they got back together breaking poor Lemon’s heart. I think I love Lemon so much because King does such an amazing “I’m really sad but I’m being strong” face.

In the end, Lavon won thanks to a finally counted absentee ballot from Brick (Go Brick!) and that signature sad face of Lemon’s may have tipped him off that perhaps his other old love may have wanted to be his new love once more. But who knows what will become of that. All I know is:

LAVON HAYES FOR MAYOR! And we don’t have to worry about that for 2 more years!

The episode was really sweet and is taking us into a specific direction for the second half of the season: These lost souls of Bluebell trying to figure out who they are meant to be with. (Zoe/Wade, Lemon/Lavon, George/Tancy. Done.)  I’m looking forward to it. But I’m curious if they will ever let the George/Zoe thing go. The way the writers writer Zoe/Wade, it’s hard for me to believe someone on the creative team doesn’t realize they are meant to be. Because that’s how they play to me.

What did y’all think? Did you write Lavon Hayes in on your ballots last week? And do you, like me, look forward to his kitchen being a kitchen again so he can wear an apron and make Zoe breakfast?

Hit the comments so we can talk about the looooove drama!

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