When I started the episode I wasn’t sure if I was entirely ready for the Hart of Dixie Season 2 finale. I mean, the season has had it’s ups and downs and who knows what craziness this last hour of season 2 will lead two. Also, I spent most of my TV time today catching up on a show that is basically the antithesis of Hart of Dixie in mood, style and tone. (Rectify on Sundance… check it out)

hart of dixie season 2 finale zoe

Zoe on a plane… alone?

But here we go. Who will Zoe choose? Will she choose at all?

Before we get to the love triangle drama – Lavon and Annabeth remain completely adorable, if not entirely wacky, as they deal with their side story of a missing Burt Reynolds – the alligator, not the person. But speaking of, what has he been up to lately?? Anyway, they have more drama with the neighboring, town which I’m hoping either goes away or is solidified into an actual story line in season 3 because they are so touch and go that half the time I can’t remember the name of the town or the mayor. Anyway…. back to the Zeorge and Zade of it all.

In the end, Zoe Hart basically Kelly Taylor’s the situation. Not exactly the same, as she doesn’t leave two eager suitors waiting in a proverbial cloud of dust as she heads into a Girl Power “I Choose Me” life. But she doesn’t choose one of the guys, per se. Here’s how it came to that.

George – well, he’s out. Finding Zoe in bed with Wade finally knocked some sense into him – he realized that any feelings they had for each other were just feelings they thought they should have more than something they actually had. And on top of that, despite all her denials, the person Zoe really has feelings for is Wade. To which I yelled “That’s what I’ve been saying for nearly two seasons, George!!!!” Because I have a tendency to yell at my television. However, my insanity doesn’t make it any less true.

With that door shut (for now, at least — because I’ve learned not to assume it’s ever done on this show) George decides to… become a singer? I guess. I don’t know. He teams up with Wade’s ex, Lily (OMG, George, stop hanging out with Wade’s exes!) and they write a song to help him get over the emotional grenade that is Zoe Hart. George sings beautifully, (Pop! Goes My Heart video time!) and decides to go on tour? I’m fine with this little bit of nonsense because I think we’ve seen George sing more than we’ve seen him lawyer. And look how cute he is when he’s singing!

George sings! Photos courtesy of The CW

George sings! Photos courtesy of The CWI

I hope we get George a love interest next season that we can enjoy. He’s a good guy – he deserves better than all of this.

With George no longer an option, and Wade hanging around because of their one night stand and the hope that it meant they could be something more again (or at the very least, casual sex again), Zoe runs for it – to NYC and a wedding she was trying to not to go to. Also on the plane ride there – Jonah Breeland. Because why not.

The basic idea of what happens here – Lemon and Wade go on the hunt for Gloriana because of reasons that make sense only in Bluebell when Lemon is involved. But mostly because The CW really likes booking musical acts and with One Tree Hill off the air, they need a new venue for that type of thing. During the adventure, Lemon gets Wade to admit that he is a better person because of Zoe and he still loves her. They inevitably get Gloriana to show up to the Rammer Jammer. It’s not a big surprise because… it’s TV. But it’s cute watching Lemon get a big win.

Jonah and Zoe hang out after saving some guy on a plane which resulted in an emergency landing, and in a magical occurrence that could only happen on TV, Wade hunts her down to a diner (that has been on every TV show ever, I believe)  in some small town after hearing about the plane rescue. Wade apologizes and tells Zoe he wants to be a better man for her and he wants her back and… wait for it… that he loves her. Go ahead. I’ll let y’all swoon for a moment. I know I did.

So what does Zoe say? Well not a hard no. More a soft “not right now.” She decides to spend the summer in NY and allow some time and distance to think about it because she still has a lot of feelings for him too, but he hurt her. A lot. Question – does Brick know that she is just going to be gone all summer? Will Bluebell be doctorless, essentially, since Brick is hardly around? Anyway, I kind of wish they had sealed the lovely moment (which was shot beautifully by the way) with a kiss… but even without it, that wasn’t the worst way for their Season 2 story to end.

However in NY, Jonah shows up looking all handsome to take Zoe to that wedding. Ummm… is he a stalker? Seriously that guy is everywhere! How did he even know where the wedding was??? Did I miss her say that?

So, what do you think we’ll come back to in the Season 3 premiere? Zoe and Wade trying again? Or Zoe with Jonah? I kind of hope it’s not the latter, only because how freaking flaky in the man department are we going to let Zoe get??

And that puts a close on the sophomore season of Hart of Dixie, but fret not my friends. Not only will I be back for another season of Bluebell fun in the fall, but I’m heading to Austin, Texas next month for ATX Festival and I hope to bring you some good scoop from Leila Gerstein, and George and Wade themselves, Scott Porter and Wilson Bethel! So keep an eye out for that.

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